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Breast cancer has traveled to my bones



Yesterday I received the results from my CT and Bone scan. My consultant confirmed that not only has my breast cancer returned to the left side but I that it has spread to my bones. It is showing in my spine, rib and pelvis as well as the lymph nodes on both sides of my collar bone.

I am seeing my oncologist this weds but I just wondered if anyone had any advice on how to deal with this as myself and my family are so scaredxxx

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Hello Sarah

l don’t have any experience of this but would like to wish you all the Very Best 🌷

Kindest Regards

MrsN x

I have metastatic in my spine and I had cancer in my right breast. I decided to remove my ovaries and did radiation. I am taking letrozole and Ibrance 75mg. My last ct scan show clear breast and the spot in my spine no progression. Take organic baking soda every day. Also drink a glass of water w lemon every day. Keep your body alkaline bc cancer cant growth in alkaline body.

Take colostrum. The best one is the one of 4life products. I took during radiation to keep my immune system strong. I didn't get sick during radiation and I lost only 2 pounds.

Sarah , I am sorry you have received this news from your recent scans as you await to see your oncologist. From personal experience ( I have bone mets ) , I know the anxiety this can cause . If you log into the ‘share metastatic breast cancer ‘ section of this Healthunlocked site , you will find lots of ladies who have had similar experiences to yourself and I think you will get the support you need . Take care x

Dear Sarah

I was so sad to read your post. Your mind goes into overtime. It such a tough time for you and your family.I hope the oncologist appointment goes well for you. I send you all my best wishes and positivety. Good luck. Caroline

Hi Sarah

I've been on here a few years now and it's never nice to log on and read a post like this, I'm truly saddened to read your news. Sending you my best wishes and I hope you get the support you need x

Dear Sarah , that must be a scary situation for you and your family at present . From reading others posts there are helpful treatments though and I’m sure your onco team will be deciding which is most beneficial for you . How long ago was you BC? In the meantime do every healthy intervention you can ; take every supplement you get your hands on ! I wish you my heartfelt best wishes for the help you need .

Denise xx

Hi Denise

I found out I had breast cancer again in the 24th July. This is my 3rd time and due to having so many lymph nodes removed previously they have said that this is why I’ve got the fluid build up. I start my Chemo on Thursday and really hoping that this reduces the symptoms.


Dear Sarah . Thinking of you this weekend and today you have your chemo ? Which one are they giving you ? Remember to drink as much water you can manage and rest when you need to .

Take care and try not to worry . Use distraction wherever possible!

Love and best wishes

Denise x

Ps Sarah which part of the UK do you live?

I’m from Dorset ( Bournemouth) where we have some excellent oncos and support at NHS . Less so when a private patient I’ve found though there are other advantages .

Do you have a large family? My 2 sons 2 daughters now grown up and I have 10 small grandchildren altogether !

Take care Sarah . My thoughts are with you .

Denise x

Thanks Denise

Because I have some fluid around my lung I’ve got to have a small op to get rid of it before they can start chemo. It’s at Barts hospital tomorrow so we have to be there by 4 today, will probably be out Monday so hopefully can start Thursday/Friday next week.

I have such amazing support from my family and friends, this disease affects so many of the people we love as well.

As this will be my 3rd time of having chemo I’ve decided to brave the shave at our local pub in Billericay Essex. All proceeds are going to cancer research (hopefully one day a cure can be found for all cancers so that no one has to go through the hideous feeling that we have all encountered). We are overwhelmed by the support and donations. So far we have raised £1,300.

I’ll post some photos once it’s done and let you all know how it goes.


I have it in the skull. My consultant prescribed a drug called Ibandronic acid which keeps it in check

There are many new drugs out there that deal with metastatic breast cancer I know firsthand how scary it is but try and take one step at a time. Take someone with you when you go to see your oncologist and maybe write some questions down to ask him or her. Will be thinking of you. 🌻Maryanne

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