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Cancer cells in all 3 biopsy’s


The 3 biopsy’s that were taken last week have all come back with cancer cells. I’ve got a PET scan tomorrow and results next Friday to see where else it has spread. I’ve now found a small lump on my groin (the opposite side to where the cancer has been found so far). I know I will fight this but I’m so scared and feel like it’s suffocating me. I keep getting panic attacks, really struggling to get through the day x

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Hi Sarah

So sorry to read about your situation 🌷

Were the biopsies all from your breast? The lump in your groin may be totally unrelated but do tell your Consultant about it.

You have to try very hard now to take one day at a time & not worry about the ‘What If’s’ l know that’s easy for me to say now but it is the best way if you can.

Take one step at a time & don’t over research until you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Wishing you Good Luck 🍀

Let us know how you are getting on.

Kind Regards


Hi MrsN

They were taken from my left breast, under my arm and neck, it’s only been since then that I’ve felt the lump in my groin and it’s the opposite side to the biopsy’s. I really am determined to fight this even if it’s advanced, it’s just those waves of panic that come over you are so horrid!

Thanks so much for replying

Sarah x

It is the waves of panic that take you by surprise no matter how hard you try to suppress them.

Fighting is what we do & once we know our ‘enemy’ we can give it all guns blazing.

I didn’t research until l was sure what type of Cancer l had which was TNBC - Triple Negative - you’ll soon learn all the terms & acronyms, it’s a bit like a new language really.

If you ever need a chat or to let of steam, this is the place!

In the next weeks people will tell you ‘You’ll Be Fine’ & stories of people they know/knew who had this &.........

They mean well but it’s not helpful, like Dr Google - Avoid!

The Best Source of Information is Macmillan & Breast Cancer Care but don’t go too deep into anything until you know what you’re up against.

Thinking of You 🌷

Angela xx

Thank you! Xx

in reply to Alegna55

Angela exactly!

Hugs, keep fighting, my husband and I are both fighting cancer and having chemotherapy. It’s very tough at times, just remember that you are worth fighting for and people are getting through treatment a lot more than before, thinking of you xx

Hi Sarah

Sorry to read of your diagnosis. It is hard to not panic after being told such news and your mind will go into overdrive as I recall mine certainly did!

Try doing some deep breathing exercises when you start to feel overwhelmed, I was never into such things but googled effective ways to do them and actually found it helped and was a welcome distraction as you focus on getting them right!

When I was first told that I had breast cancer and had to wait 9 days for biopsy results to confirm type etc... I had pains all of a sudden, particularly in my groin and was utterly convinced that i had cancer in all my lymph nodes!

The first time i met my oncologist i told him and he did a thorough examination and assured me that there was nothing else going on and later that day I found I felt better, psychosymatic symptoms, the mind is a powerful thing!

I'm 4 years on and I had a 3cm grade 3 partially invasive tumour and my sentinel node tested positive at time of biopsy.

Try not to think too big, too far ahead or about the ifs, buts and maybe. I shrank my world to getting from one appointment to the next and that way I found I could cope.

I wish you well and just think of us here that have gone before, giving you a hand hold when you need. Xx

Thank you so much. It is so helpful for me being in contact with others that have been through it xx

Hi Sarah

All your feelings are totally normal - there isn't a right or wrong way to get through! Each of us is different and has to find our own best way to cope. If the panic attacks are getting to be a bit much, you might want to talk to the doctor about an anti-anxiety med. Many of us have found anti-anxiety and/or depression meds to be very helpful. Keeping your normal routine as much as possible and keeping busy, and trying not to do the "what if..." are also very helpful. We are here for you, and you might want to share your feelings with a good friend, too. There are also some tremendous support groups that can help you. Your doctor probably knows of any groups near you. Also, many hospitals have an on-staff oncology therapist who can help you keep things in perspective, even if it is only for a visit or two. Another resource is phone support - you can use google to find them. If you are in The States, the American Cancer Society is a good place to get help with finding support groups, telephone support and all sorts of information. There is so much help out there! It is also important to understand that it is perfectly okay to cry and have some yucky times - this is a very big change in your life...just don't stay there.

There is so much more to be positive about now than even a year ago!! When you start to do research, please make sure you are using reputable sources and be careful to not depend on anything that is older - take the good information but don't dwell on things like outcomes. That was one of the best pieces of advice the oncologist gave me when I had my first of 5 cancers since things are changing so fast and it takes time for published articles to catch up. I had breast cancer in each breast 5 years apart and was astonished by how much had changed, even in how different and how much more my oncologist had to offer.

We are here to help you, too. There are a lot of people who care and have a big hearts as well as a great wealth of knowledge. Please let us know what corner of the world you live in, and we will be better able to help.

You are not alone - come back as often as you need, and please keep us updated on what is happening with you!!


I am so sorry. You need to fight this natural and conventional medicine. Its important. I did it and I am doing better! Stay positive! It's very important.

Hi Sarah

I was very sad to read that the biopsies came back positive. Its completely overwhelming and shocking when you get the diagnosis. My heart goes out to you. It's a really difficult time for you and I hope you have family or friends to support you. Everyone in the community is sending you hugs. Lots of love Caroline xxxx

It’s so difficult! I take Aloe Vera juice and Folic Acid to make me feel better . Keep your chin up and keep going , do the things that make you happy . I watch my favourite films and listen to uplifting music . I learnt Meditation also which calmed me down when I feel that I’m cracking-up . There is no easy answer , take one day at a time and take deep breaths . We here are all going through the same as you so you are not alone ! I walk in the countryside or parks to calm down also as it helps. Good luck and I wish you all the luck in the world. Xx

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