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Delaying starting tamoxifen


Hi all,

I was diagnosed in April with IDC (ER+|PR+ HER2-)and had 2 unsuccessful lumpectomies followed by a unilateral mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction on July 1st last. My oncotype score was 13 and as the mastectomy had clear margins I thankfully don’t need either chemo or radiotherapy. As my cancer was ER+ I now need to start tamoxifen. My question is have any of you ladies delayed starting tamoxifen by a few weeks? I have a much needed holiday booked for the first two weeks of August & ideally want to start on my return which would be 6 weeks post mastectomy. Am I taking a big risk by doing this? Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

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Not able to advise but maybe ring BCN or GP for advice, enjoy your holiday

fifi672019 in reply to Jennymary

Thanks Jennymary. I’ve spoken to my breast surgeon and she’s given me the thumbs up to delay for a few weeks.

Jennymary in reply to fifi672019

That's good to hear, enjoy a fantastic holiday xxx


As Jennymary says ring your BCNurse but most ladies don’t start it until after Chemo so it may be possible & l can certainly understand your rational.

Have an Amazing Holiday ✈️

You deserve it! 🌸


fifi672019 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Mrs Nails! My consultant has given me the all clear so holidays here I come!!

Hidden in reply to fifi672019


It’s always worth asking! x

I would check with the nurse, but I wouldn’t think a few weeks would make any difference, when you are low risk like you are to be honest, I don’t think I started or was given my tablets until a few months after my surgery back in 2015.

fifi672019 in reply to Debs1962

Thanks Debs. I’ve been given the all clear to delay. Very relieved.

Hello. As everyone says check with your oncologist. But I am in similar position treatment wise no chemo or radio. I had mastectomy 1/5/15 started tamoxifen in July 15. But I have stopped and had a couple of breaks. My oncologist says it's the length of time and doesn't matter if you have some breaks. I stopped mine in march 16 went on holiday in June then started it again.

Hope this helps.

fifi672019 in reply to Ellymay46

Thanks Elkymay. Nice to hear other women have done the same. Hope you are well.

Hi, my situation was exactly the same. Lumpectomy in September, mastectomy in November. Rested, went on holiday, came back and met with oncologist in February, and they rushed me to ivf, then I started hormone treatment in end of April. My onctotype was lower than yours, but it should be fine. Don’t stress yourself out about a few weeks. I took a lot longer and my docs never made me feel like it was going to come back over night. Enjoy your holiday, u need it! Once your on tamoxifen it just makes it annoying with the hot flushes. All the best xx

Enjoy your holiday , I am also going on holiday next week with friends and no family ( sigh with relief ) lol Xx

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