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Anastrozole v Letrozole


I have been prescribed Anastrozole but I see most people take Letrozole. I just wondered what the difference was.

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Hi I don’t think there is any difference they are both a class of drug called AI aromatose inhibitors I think they are called , I have taken letrozole for 4 years now, if you are unsure about which type to take ask your doctor to explain.

Hi there,

I was put on Letrozole after not being able to cope with Tamoxifen however the Letrozole cause bleeding which resulted in a lot of needless procedures. I have now been on Exemestane for over a year and seem to be ok with that. We are all different and it's very much a suck it and see situation to find the one that gives a decent quality of life while hopefully keeping that beast from returning. Good luck and stay well.

Blue :-)

They are just different brands of the same active ingredient, but some people switch around as there can be variations in side effects between them, for example I am currently on exemestane but if my joints continue to be so painful, i may switch to anastrazole.

I've been on Letrozole for 2 and half years, initially I had a lot of joint pains but swapped brand a couple of times until I found a one with minimal side effects( Accord), but it is a very individual thing. The aramotase inhibitors are all fairly similar I think, which one you are prescribed often comes down to cost or your doctors preference.

They are aromatise inhibitors and do the same job. My understanding is letrazole is the cheapest most regularly prescribed. I’ve heard of people having bad side effects with letrazole and then being switched. I’ve been prescribed letrazole and have looked at it occasionally for 3 months so far without taking it. Hmmmm...

Sorry to hear this. Are you scared about taking it? Surely taking something to prevent recurrence is a good thing? I am on anastrazole and although it seems to be for forever, 10 years, I see it as a plus that there is something that may help it not coming back? Hope you will consider starting could be a lifesaver. Take care x

Thanks. I don’t want the side effects that’s why I didn’t want to take it. This I s my second recurrence in 15 years so third time of hormone pills and based on my personal experience there is no evidence of them preventing any return! I am fed up enough that they have pre aged me and pushed me into menopause preventing any hope of children and don’t want to be feeling any older still with aches and pains and More hot flashes or risking depression again!

There are times especially with the fatigue where I wish I had refused all treatment from the beginning.

That said I have started to take them now. We’ll see what shows up . If alls ok I am more likely to stick with it but haven’t ruled out that I might want to simply leave all well alone again in the future. I haven’t known the true state of my hormones since I was in my twenties.

Hi I have also decided to stop taking them Im in so much pain tried 3 different ones all the same affect.My friend took them for 10yrs it still came back

Sorry to hear that. I am now one month in with letrazole and my joints getting achy , some water retention and heightened anxiety........

I found that if I drank lots of water the side effect lessened and now after 6 months I have very few.

Yes Im the same tried 3 different hormone tablets fine at first then about 1 month in I start with pains in my legs etc

Spoke to my oncologist yesterday and he said my combo was better for shrinkage.

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