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Well since going swimming (swam 12 foot, breast stroke........ slowly) I have been suffering. Later that day I was a passenger in the car and the pain from my breast, was UNBEARABLE!!!! It felt like someone had opened up my chest and stuck a blender in there... no amount of pain killers I had were strong enough or quick enough. Laying still helped but then the pain keeps coming back if I sit longer than 5 minutes, stand, lay down. I’ve been and got stronger pain relief off my GP, and my nurse said that it may be a combination of anaesthetic wearing off to that area and the fact that I put the chest area under pressure and increased the blood flow.

I really feel worse now (5 weeks post op from first operation and 3 weeks post op from 2nd operation) I’m more tired, weaker and in ALOT more pain even with regular increased medication!

Is this normal? When will it feel better? I am really struggling with pain!

I’m worried as I start chemotherapy on Wednesday.

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Hi there. I love swimming, however I was not allowed to swim for a couple of months post surgery (double mastectomy), I then had chemo and because that totally messes up your immune system there was no swimming for nearly a year. Is it possible that swimming so soon has pulled a muscle in your surgery site? I hope it is sorted for you soon. XX

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Ah Tricia

I think you may have tried to run before you could walk & you’ve had two surgeries after all, did you check if it was OK for you to go swimming?

Think you need to take it easy from now until Wednesday, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Take it easy, they will check you’re well enough for Chemo before you begin.

Being in the car with a seat belt is not easy & you may find you need to pull the belt slightly away from your body, depending on the side of your surgery.

Take Care 💐


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Yes I’d had physio the day before, for cording and asked the physio she said it would do me good, How wrong !!

The pain starts from the top of my spine and travels from back through to my breast, rather than it been from my wound. Also happens at home, not just in car, happens if I stay in one position longer than 5 minutes.


Oh Tricia

You have Pain Meds l presume but l think a call to your Breast Care Nurse on Monday might be well worthwhile, if only for some advice.

I do hope you get some improvement soon. xx


I rang her on Thursday she didn’t seem to concerned. Just suggested I got stronger pain relief from GP.

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That’s not all that helpful is it! I started with pain around my ribs which was actually in line with my scar so they gave me Slow Release Morphine & Oramorph to take as required. I was very reluctant to take it until the Senior Nurse talked me into it & it really helped.

I’d had a pain block initially so was hardly in any pain at all but as it wore off l became more aware of the pain.

It’s not hot or anything? Did you have a Lumpectomy? xx

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I had lumpectomy then 2 weeks later full aux clearance of lymph nodes 1st operation was 28th Jan 2nd op was 18th Feb


See how you go overnight & hope the pain subsides but l think another chat with the Breast Care Team might be the way forward especially as you have Chemo on the horizon.

Best Wishes & let us know how you get on xx

Angela x

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Thank you x

I will do. I’m just worried I’ve torn something inside. The pain gets really bad thankfully not as bad as the other night but close, plus my heart races

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I think it’d take more than swimming to ‘tear’ something inside, so l think a call with the BCTeam on Monday with a view to seeing you before Wednesday to put your mind at rest if nothing else.

I hope you can sleep & l’ll touch base with you tomorrow.

Night xx

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Hi Tricia , so sorry to hear about your bold foray into swimming as it’s my one favourite sport too but very reluctantly and disgruntledly took my onco s advice not to go, since ( boo hoo) last September after surgery. .

I got very nasty severe pain at new year following a friendly hug from a6’2 ‘ ex rugby friend which possibly crushed. ? A rib over the mastectomy site ! After 2/3 weeks it cleared up but I’m sure everything in that area does not fully heal for several months.. it’s worrying especially as you are starting chemo . I’d definitely push your team for further exam and to be reassured . Most essential as others have said.

Pain relief / if they suggest something stronger don’t be afraid to have it . Pain makes us so tense and anxious and if it can be relieved with some “ knock out drops” you can then rest and relax which should help, with circulation etc etc .

While I’m writing I’m. Desperate to go for a swim. !! But now over half way through the chemo and it’s All going better than anticipated so Maybe will hold off and have a walk instead ! Let us know how you are getting on and I wish you all the best for your chemo start. If you look at the shopping list of side effects you’d run a mile but funnily I’ve had every single one of both FEC and Taxol ( except vomiting !!) and have got over or ? Tolerated ? The lot with meds help from the onco dr.

Did you say what you are starting on?

So mermaid / friend, put that swimming suit away in the meantime ! Get your team to pull out all stops for you !!

Hope you have an easier day today and you can get effective pain relief ASAP!!

Denise x

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Hi Tricia , how are you ? Hope things are more comfortable ? Thinking of you

Best wishes



Hi Denise

Yes they are, came out in more bruising over the last few days. I’ve just slowed down a lot, but now started chemotherapy so have no choice but to take it easy now. I think I just wanted to be “normal “ again... if you know what I mean as I know the chemo will stop me from doing things I enjoy for a while.


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