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Sore ribs and paranoia about bone metastasis

Finished treatment in September last year and a few weeks ago I started feeling pain on the area under my bad boob.

Not sure if it is muscular or not, but since bone metastasis is the most common one... that is exactly what I keep thinking about 🙄.

It could be just from the radiotherapy, but why the delay? I didn’t feel anything during or right after the sessions. They said the radiation peak was 40 days after the last session.

I have an appointment next week, so hoping they will send me to some tests that will put my mind at ease. 🤞🏼

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Hi Nanda

I’m glad you have an appointment so they can organise some tests for you & hopefully put your mind at rest. I’m having severe back pain at the moment but l’m thinking Kidney! I have a Liver Scan on Monday so will see what that shows & then add this pain into the mix, my new GP is just going to love me!....

Let us know how you get on.

Best Wishes 🍀


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Thanks MrsN! 🙏🏼


Hello Nanda

I experienced quite a bit of rib soreness several months after radiotherapy had ended and like you, was really worried it was metastasis. Almost 2 years down the line I still get the odd twinge and also shooting pains in my breast but have been informed both are linked to the treatment. For your own peace of mind do get it checked out but try not to worry, apparently it is quite common. It is so sad the health anxiety cancer leaves in it’s wake.

Let us know how you get on.🌺

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Thank you, very reassuring! 🙏🏼 my appointment is tomorrow


Hi Mandalay

I am 5 years post treatment and one of the main things I had issue with was the sore rib pain and I thought exactly the same however I still even now get this periodically , I have had X-ray during the 5 years after a fall which made me accept wat they said it was after affects of radiotherapy

I wouldn’t worry

if you wear underwire bra also in future I notice soreness and the skin sometimes appears brown under the breast area and then goes , there has been occasion a soreness in ribs and swelling and this was an infection which I was shocked at but this is still a prone area due to radiotherapy I was told

You will get to know wat is normal and not for your body but it doesn’t take the worry away it just seems as time goes by the worrying gets less and less

I am sure they will reassure you at you check up

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Thank you 🙏🏼


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