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Mammogram results waiting time

Hi Ladies, I have just read some of the posts having not been on here for a while and realised I need to ask a few questions to superwoman types who have been through the cancer treatment instead of trying to convince myself that I am doing well on my own...

My 2nd year mammogram was 4 weeks ago and I haven't had any results yet, I am alright just wondering how long others have waited for theirs? I know I waited 3 weeks last year, why is there no fast track for cancer survivors?? - seems like we are a high risk and should be a priority..

Merry Christmas everyone too, you're all amazing . Love Vicky.x

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Hi I suggest you ring the department, and just ask how long results are taking at the moment, just in case yours have been lost etc, but they just maybe busy so taking longer.

Deb xx


feeling your worry x i had my 5th year mammogram 2 wks ago i was told the wait for results was 2-3 wks but i have waited as long as a month or more in the past x i agree i think cancer survivors results should be fast tracked because you just never know and the waiting for us is horrendous x fingers crossed we both get clear results xxx

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Good morning Vic1970, I normally give it a week & then ring my breast cancer nurse who gets my results for me....hope you get yours soon x


This year when I had my first one I was told to wait 3 weeks then if I had not heard to ring up it was even printed on instructions I was given with number to ring which I did exactly on the 3 week deadline I felt sorry for the Secretary as she told me she had over 1000 letters to do and it was just her doing them plus answering the phone! So do ring and find out m anticipating same early next year with 2nd one but the wait will be just ax nerve racking!



Ring them, please.


I always feel if your results take longer they are ok usually if things aren't looking 'normal" they call you back asap hope you are ok



It’s not a good system & l mentioned it at my previous Follow Up & BCNurse said they’d ring if there were any issues.

Do you have a Review Appointment booked?

Give BCNurse a ring to put your mind at rest.

Good Luck 🍀



Thanks all, I will ring them. Xx


I live in NY where I get 3d mammograms in the cancer center of a major hospital. A radiologist reads my mammo and sonograms immediately after the tests, then comes in to examine me and to tell me the results. I get the written report within a week.


Haagr you are very lucky!!

It was over a month before I got my letter saying all was well. Now three years clear...

In my experience if theres a problem they contact you sooner.....but I hate the waiting!!


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