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Tamoxifen & the Mirena coil

Hi everyone

I wonder if any of you have or had oestrogen positive breast cancer and also have a coil fitted.

My oncologist told me it was safe to leave the coil in place whilst taking tamoxifen as it may help with some of the side effects.

Whilst talking to a friend who has the same type of cancer as me, she told me she had to have her coil removed?

I am 49, but pre-menopausal when diagnosed in June. I have been taking the tamoxifen for about 6 weeks.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Does anyone have any viewz

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I was told by my oncologist that I had to have mibe removed. I checked that with my GP who agreed with that.


Thank you Lainey, I think I will get another opinion on this, maybe from my GP.

Am a little worried now.

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With my Oncologist and GP it was a straight forward "Get it out" decision. So I never questioned it. However, Although some oncoligists can differ on opinions when it comes to this sort of thing, I tend to go with the general consensus. I looked it up and the advice sheet that comes with the mirena states that it should not be used with a diagnosis of BC. It did not appear to state any specific type of BC, just BC in general. I hope this helps. If you are worried or in doubt, just have it removed. You dont need any added stress or worries at this time. Wishing you all the very best xx

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Hi CM1

I was told I could leave my marina coil in but chose not to. It's extra hormones in our bodies and I figured " why take the chance". I was fifty.

Do what you feel safest doing. I think its a borderline decision for most ladies. Choose the route you will feel is less of a worry. Good luck xxx


I have had severe bleeding and told that because I have progesterone reactive cancer that I can't get a coil, so my choices were 6 monthly biopsy or hysterectomy and jumped at hysterectomy



I was 47 when diagnosed with ER and OR positive BC And was told by all my health professionals to have it removed ASAP hope this helps

It’s a year today since my diagnosis it’s been a journey and I’m not finished yet but I probably the healthiest I’ve been in years

Hope all goes well



Hello, I was in the process of having my Mirena coil placed when my breast cancer symptoms started. Both my GP and surgeon felt it was best NOT to proceed with Mirena coil. As it turned out after my biopsy/ultrasound I was diagnosed with HR positive oestrogen driven breast cancer and they would have had to remove the coil. I know the opinions of Oncologists and GP's can vary. I think you have to do what you feel most comfortable with and it is your right to ask to have it removed if you wish. Tamoxifen definitely brought me into full menopause, but I was approaching 50 when my rollercoaster ride started, so it would have happened anyway. Take care and best wishes to you.


Hi, I just had my mirena coil changed a week before being diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer, oestrogen positive I had 27 nodes all cancer an extra cancerous lump was found in surgery and slivers in my liver, my consultant said it would be more harm than good to remove coil and yes I think that too, in my head things are best left in place lol that was all 3yrs ago and apart from the list of usual things from chemo radio and herceptin I’m doing good. Hope this helps, Viv xxx


I was told it would be ok to get one. I guess it depends on your situation at diagnosis, risk etc?


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