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Two down to go!


Hi all's been a while since I last posted and was waiting for RT date....well I've just completed my 2nd week, and got one more to go, my feelings are a bit of a mixed bag, because I am so grateful that my BC was addressed very quickly and did not require Chemotherapy just Tamoxifen I feel quite lucky in that respect....but can't help but feel a little low at the moment the RT isn't that bad just very repetitive going everyday, I do look forward to my weekends just for a 2 day break, my boob is a tiny bit pink, but I keep getting these funny sensations in my boob like someone is pushing pins and needles in to it....what's that all about! Anyway I've been on this road since the 8th June and I'm really ready to get off now, but cant ...I just want to move on and forget this ever happened....Fed up😦

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Hi glad you are nearly finished I had 15 also plus 5 boosters. I can’t believe how quickly time passes once all immediate treatment finished. I went on Friday for my blood tests in preparation for see the oncologist in a couple of weeks 11 months after diagnosed and then surgeon 1 year after surgery and mammogram. I do feel after radiotherapy finished I felt very alone not seeing someone everyday to check up on you calls from bcn to check in on you yes they are there is you need them. But I felt the first month after I didn’t know what to do with myself. You are nearly there well done xx

Vgrady76 in reply to RuthJ

I know I'm nearly finished, just want to put it behind me and move on!....Yes I will feel anxious next year when it comes seeing my oncologist and Consultant again but will have to face that closer to the time...just want to feel normal again x

Titch22 in reply to Vgrady76

That was exactly how I felt, couldn’t wait to get back to some sort of normality again, however you shouldn’t rush things the radiotherapy is cumulative so you are likely to feel more tired after treatment than during, but it will pass. The shooting pains are normal but if you’re worried speak to the Rad team or your BC nurse that’s what they’re there for. I also think everyone hits a low point at some stage during or after treatment. It’s best to take one day at a time & slowly start to enjoy the things you used to do. Good luck xx

Well done on getting this far, you probably feel a bit low due the tiredness with the radiotherapy, but also the 'what happens when i finish my radio' I felt that I was being abandoned by everyone, after all final session and that's it........but in my own way I decided that I was abandoning the medical team around me, but knowing that they're at the end of the phone if needed, after your last session be kind to yourself you've been a roller coaster ride that you didn't want to be on but you've come through it and it will take time to process what's happened over the last few months, but, given time, you will and I wish you a long, happy cancer free life xxxx

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