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Eyebrows...Will they ever come back?😑


Hi All

Hope we are all as well as can be. I am just wondering whether anyone else, years after chemo, still hasn't seen the return of their eyebrows?

I finished chemo November 2015, I'm on tamoxifen so maybe this is inhibiting growth. The brows are the only hair not to return after treatment. There are a few hairs, very sparse though and from a distance you can't see those, I'm dark haired so its not that they are too light. Quite fed up of having to 'make them up' when I'm going anywhere.

Can anyone relate?

Thanks x

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I didn’t lose mine as I didn’t have chemo, but mine went very thin and grey, so in a fit of madness, I had my eyeliner tattooed and my eyebrows, so easy in the morning, a quick swish of mascara and job done, but a word of warning, go as close to your natural colour as possible, otherwise it can look a bit crazy, just to let you know it didn’t hurt, (don’t do pain) just a thought. Good luck.xx helps with the feel good factor, and you even look good in the gym or pool, how vain is that.xx

I finished chemo in October 2012 and my eyebrows are still very sparse but I have no underarm hair nor pubic hair and my body is only very lightly covered in hair. My eye lashes dropped out during chemo but they did grow back. I, too, knew a woman who had her eyebrows tattooed and they look very good. Be prepared to pay about £200 though. I suppose it is hit and miss? I am very glad that a little bit of hair loss is all I have to worry about 6 years on. I have not had mine tattooed, I just use a brow brush when I put makeup on. Good luck with your tattoo, if you go that route.

Parker1438 in reply to GinaD19

When I have my eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed I was on holiday in Northern Cyprus so it only cost me £80.00 for both.xx

I am eight years post chemo and my eyebrows are now getting a bit bushy


Mine disappeared during RADIOTHERAPY in May/June last year and as everyone i the medical field me tells me that can't happen with RT well I seem to be the exception to this rule when I started RT I had them and halfway thru they vanished a long with all the fine little hairs on my arms - my underarm fuzz vanished about 20 yrs ago! And they have not returned not even 1 ...lol -not

I do get worked up about it but when I mention it to friends not one of them had noticed as I wear glasses that they had vanished I am very fair plus my hair has got paler with age ,,, I tried pencil them in but it just looked weird but the funny thing is that my non existent eyebrows itch... go fathom

So to sum up I am not much help! I did look at eyebrow transplant and may have a consult but probably won't do it am hyper sensitive to pain..


Hi Cazlav yes I lost my eyelashes and most of my brows during docetaxol last year and I felt ‘naked’ without them and very much a cancer ‘victim’. So I bought and used a product called Wunderbrow on my brows. It’s a gel with tiny hairs or bristles in and it is so simple to apply, one beau stroke and it’s on and it stays on for 5-6 days. I got it from livebetterwith.com website. It’s £20plus p&p and lasts me 5-6months. I am 51 and I haven’t used make up for 20 years (since going clubbing and getting sweaty lol) but felt bereft without my brows ( think The Hood from Captain Scarlet) so invested in this product. Now maybe 50% of my brows are back but I have bald patches right by the bridge of my nose! 😆. So I still use this product. There are 5 shades and originallyi went for medium - brunette even tho my actual eyebrow hairs were black haha - but now because they are so sparse I use the lightest colour which is blonde.

Hope this helps and good luck. Xx

I have my eyebrows back but are grey, is it possible/safe to dye them, finished chemo in April, radiotherapy 3 weeks ago, sorry to sound vacuous

My eyebrows have never come back. I had them microbladed (tattooed) and love them. It was worth every penny I paid for them.

Thanks for your replies ladies. I am going to give tattooing a serious thought.

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