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Still awaiting biopsy result


Got my breast clinic appointment tomorrow. So I called up this morning to see if results were back and they are not . It’s been 10 days now I can’t go on anymore . It took a lot of courage for me to call them . They said they would call me later one way or the other and if they are not back tomorrow’s appointment will be cancelled.why is there such a long wait. ?? It’s killing me 😢

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Hi Lizalily... waiting for results is truly agonising but your appointment is tomorrow so not long now. Try and keep busy, do things that make you feel good and hang on in there. I think I would rather have results face to face than over the phone but I totally understand your anguish. Be kind to yourself and I hope they are good results tomorrow. Love and hugs xx

Hi, I totally understand that the waiting is truly awful....but it's going to take all your strength and bravery to go tomorrow, you will be fine, remember your news maybe good, and your worrying for nothing, I have been where you are, I know the stress can't put into wasn't good news for me, but I really hope it's good news for you

...remember keep us updated, a lot of us on here has been through the BC testing phase, so a lot of us have had the mammogram, biopsies and so on! Xx

lizalily in reply to Vgrady76

Thanks for the kind words and tomorrow I will let u all know how it’s gone . It’s been a long ten days but the wait is over now . Just got to go and get it over with . X

Vgrady76 in reply to lizalily

I will be thinking of you, with my fingers crossed hun!! Xx

Hi Lizalily,

I feel for you - the waiting is awful. But it's today now, and I'll be thinking of you. It wasn't good for me (had a single mastectomy in September 2017 with reconstruction from my back), but it may be very different for you. A friend of mine went for a mammogram (because of me), and had a lumpectomy, and was then called back for the results, and she was fine - nothing else needed. Hopefully it will be the same for you. If it isn't, come back to us and we will help you through the next stages.

Sending you lots of love and best wishes for today.


I know it’s hard (we all do) but when I went for my results, there was a lady going in before, in a real state,sobbing, shaking, I tried to talk to her to calm her down, and she kept asking “how I could be so calm” my answer was “it’s probably a cyst or something like that”.

She went in, got her results”a cyst” she came out, crying with relief, I got mine, and I was wrong. Let’s hope you can look back tomorrow and the same thing happens to you. Stay strong and Good luck, and if it is the worse, there are people here who you can talk to, although everyone if different.

wishing you good news today. xxx

Got everything crossed for you xxxx

My heart goes out to you. The waiting is awful but hopefully when you go in today they might have a better idea of things if all results aren't back and put your mind to rest. Let us know how you get on xx

Just want to say a huge thankyou for all your support from all you lovely ladies . I had my results yesterday and it’s not cancer but I’ve got periductal mastitis. Which surgeon doesn’t understand why as I’m not presenting symptoms of it. But I’ve been put on a strong doze of antibiotics for a week and have to go back next Friday to see her superior surgeon for another scan and possibly another biopsy which I’m not to happy about as don’t want to go through it again x

Happyrache2 in reply to lizalily

Oh I'm so relieved for you that it's not cancer. Great news. Hope the biopsy isn't too bad. xx

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