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Just found a worrying lump

Hi everyone, I'm a 51 year old peri menopausal woman who's hormones are haywire at the mo and don't really have periods anymore and I've just found a small hard pea like lump in right boob. I'll just give a brief history. Was diagnosed with anemia in October 2017 which coincided with a dry socket tooth extraction which I took ibuprofen for 5 days on and off. I have never had pain like that before from a tooth extraction, it lasted 4 weeks! And I was a gnats hair from needing a transfusion. They threw omeprazole at me after frightening me by telling me I could bleed to death at any moment so I reluctantly took them for 6 weeks. I Had an initial gastrophy and they found a small patch of inflammation in a stomach which was normal and nothing sinister so I'm assuming they think it was the ibuprofen that caused the bleeding (still unsolved) as they cancelled my follow up as I didn't fit their criteria. Then I was diagnosed with ckd stage 3 which as recently reverted back to stage 2 after changing my diet (still unsolved) Then I had a chest X-ray for my breathlessness and they said it was clear but I had hyperinflated lungs and I wasn't exhaling air properly. Then I was diagnosed with cysts and fibroids still under investigation and waiting. I had really bad sharp pain in my pelvis one day and it lasted about 5 minutes and made me pass out and since then I have been feeling nauseous and super tired and I read that one of my cysts could have ruptured and they actually produce hormones of their own. And now I have found a lump on my right breast. So in 7 months I've gone from a healthy woman who used to workout 5 times a week to a tired worn out shadow struggling to keep weight up and stay awake. I've had itching and weird sensations and fatigue and breast pain in both my boobs and aching in my chest but no other symptoms in my right breast. I had a boob job in 2010 which I do regret but I wasn't in a good place in 2010 and wish I hadn't had them done. I am hoping it's just a calcium deposit from my boob job and with age. I. Can't list my symptoms from all my ailments as it would take all day the write them 😂 but they say you don't normally get pain with a sinister lump. Is this true? I can take it any answers because I have resigned myself for the worst and am going from there. My doctor as fast tracked me and she is hopeful I will get seen soon but I have to fit the criteria which I hope I do as waiting around is just the worst

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Wow, you've really been through it recently with regard the possibility of cancer, at this stage that's all it is A POSSIBLY, I had no lumps, bumps or feel unwell at all, at the moment try not to worry, yes, easier said than done, wait until you get a definite diagnosis then go from there, I wish you well in the coming weeks xxxx


Hi you have had so much going on with your body that it is impossible to speculate, I know it will be hard to have to wait for the doctors to go through tests etc, but try not to think the worse, easier said than done I know, but I remember my sister saying to me, thinking the worse wont make any difference to what the results will bring, whatever they are then we will deal with it together.

Just keep pushing the doctors to give you answers, especially if you don’t feel well or right.

Take care

Deb xx


Oh Angie, you really have had a rough time. It must be very difficult not to worry and because of the complexity of your very recent health issues, it must be hard not to think the worst. Its almost impossible to think straight whilst you are waiting for the hospital to do the checks. Hang on in there and fingers crossed the news will be good for you. Good luck Caroline xxxx


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