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With worry!

Ladies, the news came and i just can't put together in words my thoughts when I was told about the c-scan I got, and this is what i was told- I was told that the cancer has spread up to my head, so they said they had good news and bad news and which did I want first, so I said the bad news first and he said, well u don't have cancer in ur brain, and the bad news is that there is cancer in the head, but not the brain. I felt confused and like a train ran throughout my body! Now they say they have to remove the tumor and i don't want them to open me up again, so I just don't know what to think or do, I'm lost ?????

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Hi there.

sorry to read of your news, not exactly what you want to hear and I can understand why you are confused as I have not heard of it affecting the head but not the brain!

cling onto the fact that they have said good news although yes it does sound like more surgery, something I myself am feeling very up and down about as I am 2 weeks away from a further surgery and feel like running for the hills at times but I am remaining focused on the other side of the op and have set myself a goal which I hope to achieve.

Can you contact a breast care nurse/Macmillan to discuss your reservations and make you feel more in control by getting a clearer picture of exactly what is/will happen. I found joining the McMillan online forum very helpful throughout this journey as there is always someone in a similar situation and it made me feel less isolated.

I wish you well, take care xx


Hi, and thank you very much, I will for sure look online for that group u mentioned, much appreciated


PRAYERS πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ™


Thank you very much


I had a spot on my head and had to have it removed luckily it was not cancer but they don't no that till it is removed. The surgery was easy and recovery was about a week.I no this is scary but im sure you are in good hands. It is called a Meningioma.

Good luck Becky

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Hi there I am incredibly sorry to hear your news and send love to you to help get you well again.

Could it be in the bone?

If it is contained wherever it may be then one would hope it can all be removed.

My advice is to keep asking questions until you have the information you need. Your medical team expect questions and should do their best to answer them.


Deb xxx

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