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Cold capping with long thick curly hair? You might want to consider cutting it before you start


I was reading everything about cold capping before starting and the general advise was that cutting your hair was not required and it wouldn’t make a difference. I am now half the way through my treatment and I am convinced the advise was constructed based on experiences of people with straight hair.

Here is what happened to me...I would put my hair in a lose bun and leave it alone until wash day. On hair wash day I would gently brush holding my roots (with hair still dry) and wash it. That was fine the first few times, but when the hair started shedding more the hair that was falling during the day (and while washing) would get stuck in the curls and form enormous nots. I lost so much hair trying to get rid of them and at times I had to to just cut the nots 😭

I have now cut my own hair in a bob length and it feels much more manageable. I wish I’ve done that at the begging! If you have curly thick hair I would strongly advice starting with a short cut and keep an eye on those nots forming with lose hair that is shedding - don’t let them accumulate if you have curly hair!

That’s it! Just hoping someone can learn from my mistake/experience. Rocking the wig now and dealing with it.

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Hi Mate-88

I had a similar experience... my hair is long, thick and straight. I think it is down to the weight of my hair pulling it out. I then cut it shorter and didnt experience the same hair loss.

I loved my wig and now love my short hair.

Good luck with the rest of your journey x

I had my long hair cut off and used cold cap. Model for management really as being in hospital I would not have been able to manage it and could not be bothered when having treatment. So I always advise having it cut first. Mine has grown back lovely and probably thicker lol good luck with your journey 😀


It was recommended to cut my hair to a bob so the weight wouldn't pull on the roots? Whilst I still shed some hair, I managed to retain some.

Wishing you well

S x

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