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A year further down the line !


HI everyone

Yes it's 1 year since surgery and everything that followed - my eyebrows that disappeared in May have yet to make their re-appearance I think after almost a year they will not return - being very fair and wearing glasses it's not really that noticeable what I hadn't noticed until last week was that all the fine hairs on my arms have gone too luckily I have never had to shave my legs, they only have about 3/4 on each!!

Today for the first time I tried on the wired bra's I wore before the biopsy and wore it for over10 hours without any discomfort and although I have not lost anymore weight other than the 26 lbs I shed in 19 weeks with Slimming World maintained since 15 Nov last year I am gradually going down a dress size and my 1st yearly mammogram was normal which was a great relief

Hugs Diane

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Well done! X

I am 8 years post treatment and eyebrows are back...and all my body hair. Though it doesn't seem as much. I thought couldn't wear wired bras again 😱😱 and find it really difficult to find something. I wear like a bra top I get others and don't like them, so be wearing these till they fall bits... Lol good luck with your journey 😂😂

Well done on getting this far, I wish you a continued healthy life, good luck xxxx

Oh Diane that’s a terrific post! Thank you so much 😃😃!

My eyebrows haven’t completely returned I have bald patches just next to my nose 😂. I have continued using the eyebrow gel I bought when I had no eyebrows during chemo last year - it’s called Wonderbrow for livebetterwith website and I love it! I don’t think my eyelashes are completely recovered either but everything else seems to have returned - including my tash 😆 - and a little extra in the shape of face fuzz!

I have not worn wired bras because I am advised doing so can contribute to developing lymphodema and as per previous posts I am big busted and certainly miss them!

As for your weight loss oh my goodness what a result! you have inspired me thank you so much.

I must admit chemo is a distant memory now, I can’t believe it’s a year on the 28th since my last treatment! Fantastic 👍🏻👍🏻.

Wishing you all the best Diane xx

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