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Hooray end of my treatment !!!!


Hello everyone ....I'm so Happy ....I had my last Radiotherapy boost today ....this marks the end of all treatment ....its been a long hard journey ...with lots of tears along the way ...but also I have learnt such a lot about myself ...I'm stronger than I thought ...I now know who my friends are ...and I have learnt to love myself ....

I celebrated with giving the radiotherapy team a large chocolate cake ....they have been most excellent ...I went to a festival last weekend ( this is what I like to do ) ....I was very proud I didn't wear my wig ...and no one batted an eyelid ...the Jane before this would never even contemplated going with short hair ...( IM SAD TO SAY I AM VERY VAIN ) ....I can not believe its nearly a year since I found the tumour and I have endured surgery, chemo and radiotherapy ...now its time to relax ...take care of myself ...and treasure the simple things in life ......anyone starting their journey with breast cancer ..I would say relax try not to worry and do lots of research to get you through with some treats and smiles along the way ........thank you to everyone for your support, for being there at stupid o'clock with advise and and a shoulder to lean on ...your all amazing ....lots of love Jane x

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Congratulations on completing your treatment, wishing you a long happy healthy life from now on, enjoy yourself xxxx

Woohoo, congratulations Jane, extract as much joy out of this feeling as you can, it feels like its been a long time coming, I remember it well!

I really hope you have a happy and healthy future xx

Dear Jane

So very well done, it takes real courage and determination to get through all this and be so positive at the end.

Have a very long and very healthy life


Lin xx

Hi Jane. Well done you gir!! So happy for you. Be sure and go to more festivals, dance in the rain and sit by the sea. You deserve it. Wishing you a long happy healthy life xx

Congratulations 💕💕

Congratulagoons Jane, enjoy every moment. That is how it is meant to be. Xx


Whoop whoop - well done for getting to the other side, congratulations and best of luck. xxx

Congratulations, the end of a very long journey, but now a more stronger and positive person. Wishing you all the best for the future x

Congrats Janes, all the best wishes xx Donna

Congratulations Jane 💐 x

Well done Jane x it’s a great feeling to get out the other end stronger x confident x and if you feel like me a better version of yourself x so happy for you x 😘💐👍🤩

Ah, Jane, congratulations, it is so sweet, isn’t it? I am one year since all my surgery, chemo, rad and you just wait, it gets better and better! It was a tough year for me, it is so sweet, though. And hair! You get hair. Good job, lady.

jackearls1000 in reply to pegomh

Thankyou ....yes it has been a tough year ...my poor hair ....it was lovely long black hair ....its like waiting for Christmas it wont grow quick enough ...I'm not the most patient of people ...if only I could get a bob out of it lol xxxx

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