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Breast Cancer Treatment without Chemotherapy


Technology has been revolutionizing the way how healthcare and medical treatment is delivered to patients from all age groups. One of the latest technological advancement in the field of cancer treatment may soon revolutionize the standards course of treatment for breast cancer patients.

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My first visit to oncology was in November 2013 where I expected to be told about 18 weeks chemo on a 3 week cycle, but to my surprise the consultant said they were running a trial as a lot of people go through chemo without needing it and I was in that group, I signed up, the tests showed I didn't need chemo, just 3 weeks radio in January 2014, still on tamoxifen, and mammograms since then have been clear, number 5 is due later this year

I’m a BIG proponent of the MammaPrint test, it checks 70 genes to give a good view of whether you need chemo. I did, but so grateful the test was available to me. I highly recommend it.

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