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Hi everyone

My eyebrows disappeared almost before my radiotherapy was finished and yes I have been repeatedly told RT doesn't cause this but then my body decided that it will throw up many things that are not supposed to be the "norm" what is bugging me that RT finished 8 June 2017 brows went in May and they are not showing any signs of growing back ! I did not have chemo only RT anyone else suffered this?

On a brighter note had my 1st yearly memo and results are NORMAL altho I waiting for the results was horrendous I even had to ring up after 3 weeks as they had not arrived.

Hugs Diane

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Hi there, I had a very interesting occurance with my eyeblows.... I was already as bald as a coot at the time but the brows has stood the test of time, until right towards the end of my treatment, I had to pull the car over as I could feel something in my eye. I wear glasses to to see what was in my eye I had to try work with the glasses in situ or I would not have been able to see a thing. Anyway as I looked in the mirror holding my brow to lift open my eye, my eyebrow literally went Poof... just like a dandilion. I could not believe my eyes. I thought "Shit, I only have one eyebrow" until i touched it to make sure and that too went poof. I did no more that burst out laughing hysterically. Trying to drive home was a bit of an ordeal as I was both laughing and crying at the same time. They are back noe, thinner but there. Lainey66


Hiya,I lost my brows and lashes towards the second half of my chemotherapy and only half have grown back a year on ,so maybe they will take time to come back-lots of things are still unique to you.Keep hoping-stay well,luv Vicky


Hi Diane

I had chemo and lost my eyebrows as a result. Its 10 months since the end of my chemo and they have grown back somewhat but they are not as before. I now routinely use eyebrow pencil but had never done so before.

Great news on your annual review.

BW Caroline


Hi there, i had radiotherapy only & been on Tamoxifen for a year now and my eyebrows have got quite a bit thinner, I'm also freezing cold a lot of the time when im not boiling from the hot flushes so I had a blood test today to check my thyroid function as apparently they could be signs of hypothyroidism? Will report back what the results are 😀 always something isn't there! Lainey's story about her eyebrows really made me chuckle! 😂😂


Hi all

Yes I too chuckled quite loudly when I read Laineys reply... I never had much in the eyebrow dept. And am also very fair skinned but they were there - there is not so much as a little bit mof "bum fluff" to coin a phrase... lol tried drawing them on but with wearing glasses if I take them off I can't see my face... so have taken on the odd occurance of looking over the top of my glasses and hoping for the best - tried a magnifying mirror not having much with that either but then drawing never was my strong point at school

Still knitting Easter chicks which hold Caburys creme egg for local Macmillan centre photo when my brood is finished!

Hugs everyone Diane (aka Iknitandstitch)


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