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Scared for a relative waiting for biopsy results

Hi all I’m new here so excuse my long post. An extremely close relative of mine found a lump about 4 weeks ago, went to the docs and was referred for an appointment at a specialist breast clinic last week. She had a mammo and us and both showed lump the us showed lump connected with tail to another lump behind it. Visible Lump is painful and ‘moves a little’. Biopsies were taken as the consultants and specialist were ‘suspicious’. I don’t like use of the word suspicious as it sounds like they think it could be cancer! She was automatically booked in for a follow up appointment a week later so it’s coming up this week...I’m so nervous as everything I’m reading about the language used in appointments suggests it could be cancer. She has lost 42pounds in 14 months and has started exercising so really hoping it’s a result of that..but the word suspicious has me worried. Please help.

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Waiting for results is the worst, I know people who were told at the scan stage, as they can tell in certain circumstances, I would suggest your friend was like me, they really can’t tell until biopsy results. I was told that they really don’t know, the lump I felt was actually benign, but they found another lump that I couldn’t feel on the US which turned out to be cancer, that was 3 years ago now, I had surgery and hormone tablets.

Fingers crossed for your relative xx


Hi debs thanks for your reply. I've spent most of the weekend feeling sick about it all to be honest. I've since been told the one behind isn't a lump but something connected to the first lump but they aren't sure what. Researching isn't helping either since every time I convince myself it's cancer and that it's spreading rapidly. I feel sorry for my relative as she is the one facing the situation but really feel a bit helpless for her. The closer it gets to results...the more there is a knot in my stomach for her. Last night I managed to speak to another relative who reassured me a little but still convincing myself it's cancer.

Thankyou so much for your help xx


P.s. Hope you are fully recovered now xx


I know it’s hard the wait, but until you know what you are dealing with you will just get yourself in a spin. Don’t use google! It really will not help.

Your relative needs you to be there for them and support them, try to remain calm if you go back for results with them, you maybe the one to have to listen to what they say etc, if it is bad news, but remember they can do so much for BC now, and women are beating it all the time.

I am good now, bc does change you physically and mentally but life does go on.

Deb x


It's great news you are recovered. And thankyou so much for your help. Right now they don't know what it is...Everyone else is together and I live away from them all so I don't really have chance to talk to them properly about it. I have since found out what I thought was another lump is just something...not a lump connected to the first lump


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