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Very hot sweats

Hi Nikonblue.

I have been taking Tamoxifen nearly 5 years now.

My side effects started about about 3 years now, Fatigue, out of breath, pain in joints all over.

I take my Tamoxifen at night & just recently in the last 6 months I have been getting very heavy sweats, so I will try taking them in the morning so not wet the bed with my sweating.

Im a 59 year old male who had breast cancer & now nearly 5 years clear.

Wish everyone well xx

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I am on tamoxifen and have similar side effects. I take mine in the morning so don't really get hot sweats at night, although in the evening I am constantly taking my cardigan off and putting it back on again. I also get breathless and fatigued when walking, especially uphill. I did get joint pain and took cod liver oil capsules for a good while which seemed to help. I don't take them at the moment as it seems to have improved.


Yes I get the same symtems. Im cold but sweating taking my tshirt of then putting it back on.

As soon as I changed to taking the Tamoxifen in the morning Im not sweating in bed as much now.

My doctor perscribed me with 3 different pain killers which are for my joint, back & syatica.

They also help with the fatigue. If I dont take them the fatigue comes back.


I'm limited to what painkillers I can take as I have an intolerance to voltarol and codeine. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are about the only ones I can take


Hi Barnowl

Good to hear your almost 5 years clear!

Are you aware that the side effects of tamoxifen can change according to the manufacturer? If yours has changed recently it may explain the change in sweats.

Also I’ve read that bathing in magnesium flakes - not Epsom salts as there is not enough magnesium in there - can help with joint pain.

All the best Deb


Make sure your vitamin D level are in the upper range & your taking/eating plenty of calcium. I was told that the aromasin (not Tamoxifen) was stripping my bones. I dont think Tamoxifen does this as much.


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