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First chemo came and gone!

Hello everyone I just wanted to post that I’m 37 and have stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer. 14 out of 30 lymph’s were positive. So they are treating me with an aggressive Chemo drug called the red devil. I had my first treatment yesterday it was scary as the drug is dark red and has to be administered manually over 15 minutes. But it went by then I had to sit for the other drug done by drip. But the worst part was how nervous I was to inject myself with the grastofil. I was so nervous and shaky but wow I was surprised after, there was no pain and it was super quick. So anyone having to start this drug after, I want you to know it is not as bad as it may look. I don’t post often but I am thinking about everyone and sending my healing thoughts to all. Thank you for your posts too as I read them weekly. Hugs to all.

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Hugs and best wishes to you Debaroo 💓

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Hi Debaroo

You are a star, thinking about everyone else when you are in the middle of a very scary treatment. I can tell you are going to give the BC a very hard time to beat it off. Its amazing what resources we can find within ourselves when we have to - I also found giving myself injections terrifying but we ladies just get on with it in the end. Very best of luck to you. Treat yourself kindly. Hugs and positive thoughts to you. xxx Caroline


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