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Feeling Worried

Had mastectomy 18/12 ( Grade 2 ER neg. Her pos. one positive node ) MRI before surgery found no problems.

Wound infection (skin only ) Seroma.

Infection pretty much cleared with penicillin type antibiotic which I took for ten days...

really felt ill with that. No appointment with Oncologist yet. Apparently I can't have Chemo until there are no signs of infection.

Also a seroma which we thought was reabsorbing but not so sure now. But reluctant to aspirate because of danger of infection.

How long is it safe to delay chemo ? I am really winding myself up and imagining all sorts of calamities. I have tried not to but obviously it hasn't worked !


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They have clinical deadlines for most things, before you know it you will have chemo date. Wound feels better after needle...less pressure...less tightness...relax. Must admit after 4 I did dither to go to a 5. I hung on instead and it settled itself down. We get anxious on everything, we have been attacked, and we naturally want to defend.


Thank you berylynn. You are helpfully positive ! I really am old enough to stop myself imagining all the worst possible scenarios.The flucoxicillin had a really bad effect on me and I still haven't got my appetite back (most unlike me )

I suppose I will just have to be patient and calm.


Hi - You need to be strong going into Chemo so it does seem the best thing to wait until you are fully recovered from the operation and no signs of infection. As you are worried about the appointment to see the oncologist, I am sure they wouldnt mind if you gently 'chased' them to ensure they haven't forgotten that you are waiting for a date. Best of luck with the chemo. Keep away from anyone with flu in the interim. Good luck with the next stages of your treatment, chemo is not easy but its definitely do-able. Be kind to yourself. Best Wishes Caroline.

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Thank you Caroline. I am verging on the paranoid about the germs flying around at the moment but I've had the flu jab so that's a start. I sailed through my first mastectomy 17 years ago. At 74 I should be wiser now !


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