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my vein in my hand is sore ...worried about my last infusion

Morning everyone ..I hope your first week of the new year is running smoothly ....I just wondered if there was anything I can do to ease my vein in my hand time for my last chemo Friday??? also I have a blinking ulcer under my tongue at the back of my throat ...its getting me down...I have tried mouth wash ...pastilles ...pineapple there anything else I can do ??? cant wait to get this done ...this time next week chemo will be over ...then radiotherapy ...I just pray that will be over by March 16th ...I want to go away on a weekend break to meet up with friends ...need some Happy times ....have a good weekend all xxx

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Hi Jackearls1000. Use hand cream and gently and lightly moisturise your hands that may help it. I strongly recommend using salt and water and rinsing and gargling with it at least three times a day. The acidity in pineapple will aggravate it. It could be a reaction from the chemo. After my last one I developed oral mucositis (blooming nasty and painful) where you couldn’t get a pin between the ulcers that had developed throughout my mouth and down my throat. Salt water did the trick. I also used kingingival, an antibacterial mouth wash. I used that morning and night and the salt water after each meal. If you persist with this it does honestly work. The salt water is a natural cleanser and protects from further spread. Not long to go now for your final chemo. I wish you all the best with it. Sending hugs, love and positivity, Lainey66 xxx

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Oh thankyou ....someone recommended the pineapple ...but to be honest swallowing it was too painful I'm using corsydol it seems to be easing off a bit ...ill try the hand cream thankyou ...yes I have been getting the odd ulcer in my mouth now and again ...using the child's toothbrush helps as well ..I know ,,this time next week it will be over ...cant wait ...its my husbands 5oth birthday Monday ...we had a meal at home last night ...I feel so guilty not to have a party ...we are hoping to get away march 16th ...but I'm ot sure if my radiotherapy will be over ....we shall see ...thankyou for the advise ..Lainey Happy Sunday to you



Its strange how the end of chemo is suddenly upon you when it seems to go on forever. The next 3-4 weeks can be tough, just hang on in there and before you know it, chemo will be history - hurrah.

I too had a terrible mouth with chemo. it was quite a while after chemo that my mouth began to feel more normal. The hospital gave me some special mouthwash (cannot remember the name I am sorry) and also something to minimise the oral thrush. Perhaps you could ask for further help from the oncologist with your mouth.

Hopefully the radio will go smoothly and before you know it you, March 16th has arrived.

Good luck with the last chemo and with radio. Caroline xxx


Hi there jackearls1000 hey fantastic news re the end of chemotherapy you are almost done!! Absolutely plan something really special for your husband and yourself you both deserve it. Mine was steak and chips and all the trimmings plus a glass of prosecco!!

I was told by an oncologist that I could use ibuprofen gel on my veins in my chemo arm when they become inflamed. It provided very brief relief - like about 5 minutes frustratingly - but enough time for me to do some stretches with that arm to help with the rehab. Maybe you could ask someone - nurse or oncologist - if that’s okay for you to try?

Laineys advice is sound re salt water. It’s a natural heali method. I’ve been advised in the past to put one teaspoon of salt into a pint of warm water as the ratio but again hopefully the nurses can help you with that if needs be.

My hospital gave me anti gosh can’t emember! I was going to,say anti septic mouthwash! Anyhoo I found it in Sainsbury’s for £2!!

Here is a list I created of things other people found helpful with their sore mouths:

“Spoonful of NATURAL not shop bought honey twice a day.

Spoonful of Bicarbonate of soda in water x2

Difflam spray - prescribed by GP.

Yeo Valley / natural yoghurt is anti fungal

Mycostatin - prescribed?

Nystatin - prescribed?

Corsodyl alcohol free mouthwash - kills good bacteria too..

Gelclair given by nurse”

I was given Difflam spray by my hospital but luckily didn’t need it.

I hope you find something that helps and I wish you an uneventful week.

Sending warmth, hugs, love and best wishes

Deb xx

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Hi Deb ...I asked about the ibuprofen gel ...they said no ...I have been using the Corsodyl ...and its been very good ....I can now swallow my food and drink lol ...hurrah ..simple pleasures hand isn't so bad now as I have been using the hand cream ..eases it a bit ....onwards to Friday ...not looking forward to it ..but it is the last one ..the week after I'm taking my daughter to see HAIRSPRAY the theatre ...which I find so funny as I have not much hair and ill be going in a wig ...but we are doing it and going Gelatos for ice cream after thank you everyone for being there for me .any help anyone needs I will always be there for you ...give back the kindness love and support I have had the last 6 months or so

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