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Discoloured Nipple

Happy New Year to all.

Hoping 2018 will be good to all, however I have to go to the doctors on 2nd as I have strange sensations and pains in my left nipple which now looks bruised as the nipple and Areole are discoloured.

Frightening myself by reading Dr Google but it is the same Breast that I had the cancer in in 2005. Has anyone else had similar symptoms - could it be Paget’s disease of the Breast ??

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Hi Sued1958, with any concerns regarding your health you have to remain focussed and off Google. You would have yourself dead and buried in nano seconds. You have to try and not self diagnose at all and, as difficult as it my be, remain positive, distract yourself with things you enjoy doing, then and only then, worry if there is anything to worry about after you have seen your qualified doctor. When I say worry, I basically mean, have your moment but make sure that is all it is, then pick yourself up and, IF there is something to fight get yourself together and face it head on. You have to have a positive outlook, that truly is half the battle. I wish you all the best for today as it is today you see your doctor isn’t it? I hope 2018 has good health and happiness in store for you.... A resolution you can consider for yourself, regardless of today’s outcome, remain off google when it comes to health matters. No point scaring yourself half to death. All the best always. Lainey66 xxxx

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best of luck with your appointment today. xxx


Hope your appointment went well and it's nothing serious x


Thank you everyone

Been to see the doctor who examined me, couldn't find any lumps / discharge but have significant pain adjoining the chest wall so prescribed naproxen, sent me for a chest X-ray and have a return appointment in a couple of weeks



I have been referred by my go to the Breast Clinic for further investigation as still have the symptoms.

At least I should have my mind put to rest soon 😬😬


All clear !!!


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