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Happy Christmas to everyone !!!!

Morning everyone ....I just want to wish all you lovely ladies and gents a very Happy magical sparkly Christmas and a Healthy New Year.....thank you to everyone whom have through this journey with ...fro the very beginning ..I will be taking this experience through to a New Year with as much positivity I can ....I now know whom my friends are ....made a few new ones along the way and also thanking my lucky stars ..remember, know matter how awful things get ...there will always be someone worse of for you ....yesterday is history is the future and tomorrow is a gift ....hold your loved ones close ...and try to smile lose more calories and it makes you feel better ....lots of love to you all ...Jane xxxx

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You too have a wonderful Christmas. We have Travelled this road together for a while now and like you, I too have found out who my real friends are and who were actually sent into my life as a lesson. I have also made new and very dear friends along the way. Two directly linked to this site. I wish you all the very best for 2018 and hope it is a year that sees you getting rid of cancer and so much more healthier. I wish that for us all. Sending all my love and positivity. Lainey xx


Such positive words ..happy and healthy Christmas and very best wishes in 2018 ...


Happy Christmas everyone. I am between surgery and Chemo now. Your answers to my queries and your kindness have been invaluable. Thank you.🙋


Have a fantastic 2018. xxx Caroline


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