23 years breast cancer survivor, just found small lump.


I am new to this site, many thanks for accepting me.

I had a mastectomy 23 years ago, at the age of 39, I had 15 lymph nodes removed and several were positive. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

About fifteen years ago I had an silicone/saline permanent expander implant inserted, the surgeon said it would give me a cleavage.

Earlier this year I started to get eczema, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism seven years ago and Doctor said the eczema could be associated with been hypo.

This week I notice what I thought was the eczema on my mastectomy scar. On closer examination I feel it is not eczema as it is not a rash as such, just a redness of the skin on the scar. Today I can now feel a small hard lump (smaller than a pea) on top of the implant, under my skin, about an inch above the scar and to the right of the redness.

I am worrying myself sick and have made an appointment to see my Doctor tomorrow.

Could it be a reoccurance after all these years?

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  • I hope that it is not a reoccurance of the cancer. Maybe it is hard tissue around the old scar🤞Sending positive vibes to you. Lainey66 💐💐💐

  • Many thanks for your reply,

    the redness is on the scar but the little lump is about an inch above it.

    Will see what the Doctor says tomorrow.

    Really appreciate the positive vibes, thank you.

  • Hi Lucy, firstly a very big well done on being clear for so many years, secondly I hope whatever is going on is not related to the cancer and easily resolved for you, sending good luck love and hugs your way for tomorrow xxxx

  • Many thanks for your reply, I really do appreciate your kind words.

  • I really hope it’s not a return of the cancer, but the sooner you know, the quicker it can be dealt with.

    Good luck,

  • Thank you, just seen Doctor she has referred me the Breast clinic and I should be seen in the next two weeks.

  • I could be the most benign thing. Don't worry as worrying can bring about t all kinds of health problems. If the small lump is above an implant than it can't be connected with your gland. I think. Just be optimistic.

    Wish you only good things.

  • Thank you, Doctor has referred me to the breast clinic, she said she does not think it is a recurrence but because of my history I will be seen in the clinic with in two weeks.

  • Good luck and do keep us informed!

  • Many thanks, will do.

  • Hi lucylocks, it’s very natural to be worried and I completely understand. I had reconstruction on my left breast over 2 yrs ago and my scar went a little lumpy with a tiny white pimple like growth in one spot-turned out to be nothing at all. It’s unlikely to be cancer on an implant but best to get your doctor to investigate. Will be thinking of you 🤞 x

  • Many thanks, Doctor has referred me to the breast clinic to be seen within the next two weeks. She did say she feels it is nothing to worry about but we have to make sure.

    I hope you are keeping well.

  • I’m good thanks. Best to be sure but I’m sure it will be ok. X

  • Good luck I hope it goes we'll. I had operations in 2010 and 2011. I then developed rashes on my operation sites in @ 2015 and granulomas and have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis ! I have this on my lungs, skin, effects my eyes and probably liver. Not related to to the breast cancer I don't think and I was treated with steroids for a while. Having no treatment at the moment and I am OK. I still on letrezole for the breast cancer but OK.

  • Thank you, Doctor has just referred me to the breast clinic but does not think it is anything to worry about, but we have to be sure so I should be seen in the next two weeks.

    Sorry you have had a difficult time, I hope you are well now

  • Hi lucylocks, I hope that you have had some good news today. Sending you positive thoughts and good wishes x

  • Thank you, just replying to my other messages when yours popped up.

    Doctor has referred me to the breast clinic and I should be seen within the next two weeks. She thinks it is unlikely to be a recurrence but referring me to the clinic to be checked out.

    Appreciate the positive thoughts and good wishes, thank you.

  • Thank you lucylocks, it is good that they are going to check this for you. I will be thinking of you and hope that your doctor is right and it is nothing to worry about x

  • Thank you.

  • Oh man...the waiting...thinking of you and know you've got what it takes to get to the other side of whatever this is. Meanwhile happy healthy thoughts your way! X

  • Many thanks for your kind thoughts.

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