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well I had my consultant appointment today and was told my mammogram is all clear. that's the fourth year now after bc in dec 2013. the relief is amazing, each year I hold back on building up to xmas until I get my results. Anyone going through bc there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Great news, you're a couple of months behind me as my surgery was October 2013, here's hoping this time next year we're both celebrating 5 yrs clear, have a lovely Christmas xxxx

  • yes that would be fantastic merry Christmas to you too xxx

  • so Happy for you ...I have my 5th chemo next Friday and then radiotherapy ...light at the end of a very long dark tunnel ...your post has helped me as I do wonder how things go after ...will I be able to pick up the pieces and carry on with my life ....will I ever be normal ...will my hair be like it was before all this many questions xxx

  • Hang on in there. At the time it seems to go on forever but the end of chemo is in sight and before you know it, it will be behind you. I am 6 months post chemo and my nails are back to normal. I am going to the hairdresser next weekend for the first time in nearly a year. By the spring it will be treatment completed for you. Much love.

  • Great news have a great Christmas, I must admit over the years I have moved my checks back towards October so they are not just before Christmas

  • Great idea! I must try and do that next year, having it done this time of year and waiting for results makes the run up to Xmas not so nice. I'm praying for no letter as in our area they only write to you if its abnormal.

  • Congratulations, I hope you and everybody else on this sight have a merry Christmas and as healthy as possible New year

  • Well done and congratulations. xx

  • Fantastic news! I have my second annual mammogram this friday on my unaffected breast, and I feel like I'm being followed by this little black cloud, until I get the results😳.

    Best wishes to you, and everyone else for Christmas and the new year xx

  • that's exactly how it feels xx hope all goes well xx

  • Great! I had DCIS in 2013 and had to have a mastectomy . After every yearly mammogram it's such a relief to hear that everything is okay with the remaining breast! Best wishes to everyone going through breast cancer.....I thank God everyday for my life!

  • Fantastic news. Have a lovely Christmas xx

  • thankyou x merry Christmas to you too xx

  • Brilliant news! I got the all clear last week on my first years mammogram post surgery and the relief is amazing! X

  • that's fantastic have a fantastic xmas xx

  • Great news! The best Christmas present isn't it? Have a wonderful Christmas. X

  • it most certainly is x merry Christmas to you too xx

  • Great news Louisa 😀😀😀 I had my first mammogram last week following my bc last year. Waiting for the results is torture! X

  • thankyou x I hope everything is all clear for you too xx good luck xx

  • Thanks Louisa, yes all ok for me too, phew, very happy! 👍😀 X

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