Day 3 post op

Well ladies. It's day 3 post op - double mastectomy with sentinal node on one side. I'm feeling v good considering. Stiff and sore but to be expected. The tightness gets me at times and I kinds panic a bit but that eases off too. I'm doing my exercises and getting there slowly. I'm not a big fan of the drains but they will be going in a few more days so I will feel more normal then I think. I had to peek when I eventually woke up after op and the only feeling I had then and since is relief. I'm glad I went ahead with the double and at the end of the day I now know I can do no more to be around for my husband and children so fingers crossed I get good results next Thursday. The waiting again will be agony but I think I'm able for it after the week of waiting for the biopsy results. So far so good but I'm sure I'll have a few emotional days yet. Thank you all for your support so far xxxx

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  • Well done on getting this far, try to have some little treats, coffee in a local shop etc, look after yourself and best wishes for Thursday xx

  • Thanks jennymary. It's all still a bit surreal. Home and in my own bed and the first night I havent slept since the op. How weird is that!!

  • Way to go Knockane! It's no small thing getting this far! Me too I felt like a panic attack pain in my chest the first few days but it's totally eased. Feels like a big mighty bruise in my ribs though - you?

    I'm waiting with you...

    and sending lots of love

  • Thanks 2dejavu2

    All good on day 4. Just a small bit of soreness at the drain sites probably from the twisting and turning in the bed. I don't feel anything in my ribs but i guess we are all different as are our surgeons. Looking forward now and I hope there are positive results for both of us hun. Best of luck xx

  • I had a double mastectomy also and have never regretted it. Could not have faced more mammograms. So pleased your operation is over, the drains are a nuisance - wonderful when they come out and you have more freedom. Yes, I felt bruised with rib pain and lots of back pain......apparently it’s your posture re-adjusting after the mastectomy. Will be thinking of you. Much love

    Marina xxx

  • Thanks moseypowell. All is good today and on the way home. Coming back up on thursday to get the drains out and bandages off and to get the dreaded results!! Fingers crossed xx

  • Well done 👍

  • Thank you bones-bones. Onwards and upwards now x

  • I had single mastectomy and do now wonder if I should just have gone for double. Did they offer you double or did you have cancer in both?

    Glad you are doing well xxxxxxx

  • Hi Gitterlater 4

    I had cancer in one only but for peace of mind going forwards I asked for the 2 to be removed without reconstruction. I'm so glad I did. How are you doing?? Xx

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