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pathology report

pathology report

My mom had MRM two months back.stage 2a, nodes negative (0/20) with grade3 and her2 positive.i have some doubts regarding report i.e.,

1.tumor shows large areas of necrosis& focal lymphocytic response

2.focal intraductal carcinoma of solid & camedo type of high nuclear grade is seen,content of which is not significant

I just want to know what is the meaning of focal lymphocytic response

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I suggest you take that report and head to your GP and ask what it means. I strongly recommend against using Dr. Google! Did the oncologist not go through the report and explain it to you?


As previous person commented, write down questions you want answered and take to your breast specialist or GP. When you have BC I found finding out as much as possible gives you some power, that's how I felt anyway, some people don't want to know, I have a hubby who knows loads about medical stuff, so he was able to ask all the questions for me, then explain to me. But for me information is power.

Good luck xx


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