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Results on Thursday

At last the waiting for results is nearly over. I have had a screening mammography

recall,enlarged view X rays ,u/s, biopsies and with the one nearest node being positive but no sign of bc. Then more stereotaxic biopsies , CAT scan and MRI. I will find out if bc has been located or whether there is cancer somewhere else.

The waiting has been the absolute worst. It doesn't help that everyone round here has the coughing spluttering virus so for the past couple of days I've stayed in kicking my heels. Husband has been very good but not much he can do. I've hardly told anyone as I think it will be better to wait till we know where I'm at. Grown up children are abroad and I have given them a fairly bare outline.

I just want them to do something....anything.....hopefully before Christmas. It's just the waiting that has wrung me out.

Sorry for being so feeble ! 🎄☘️

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You're not feeble, the wait for results is always difficult, wondering how things are going to be afterwards, sending good luck wishes your way for Thursday xxxx


The waiting and not knowing what you are dealing with for me was the worst, I hope Thursday brings some good news for you, will be thinking of you, and whatever Thursday brings you will get support here from loads of us xx


Not at all feeble, I was exactly the same, its the fear of the unknown, once you know where you're at you will feel relief to an extent.

Wishing you well for Thursday xx


For me, the Waiting was the absolute worst bit. You’re not feeble at all. Once you have results you can move forward. All the best for tomorrow.


Always better when you know what you're up against and have a plan in place. Everyone is different with regard to sharing news. I didn't say much till I knew what was happening to family, but several friends knew.

Hope Thursday goes ok and do ask for copy letters to be sent to you so you gave same info on paper as your GP. There are big notices up in our breast clinic suggesting this. My brain turns to mush in a consultation so it helped me.


The one thing you definitely are not, is feeble. Waiting for results regarding cancer is one of the hardest and most challenging things a person can do. It requires strength and bravery to simply get through the day, it requires determination not to fall apart, it requires an ability that is so difficult, and that is to remain positive for yourself and others. You give yourself the credit you deserve because holding it all together requires almost superhuman powers. I wish you all the best with your results and am sending positive vibes, love and hugs xxxx💐💐💐💐


Thank you so much everyone. Your support means such a lot. Not long to go now.


Waiting for answers and developing a game plan was the hardest part. It was paralyzing for me. I didn't eat or sleep. So know that your aren't feeble in any sense of the word. We all understand what u r going through as we have been there. We are all here to support you.

Robin in NYC


I know it's late, but I just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. You are certainly not being feeble. I waited just a week after my biopsy for the results and I didn't tell anyone except my partner and my manager at work that I had been called back, until I received my diagnosis. The waiting is so difficult. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can start to make plans. Sending you love and positive thoughts tonight xx


Wishing you all the luck in the world today and hope your news is of the good kind. X


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