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Now shoulder surgery ...help

Only three years after breast surgery just had keyhole surgery on shoulder for impingement syndrome ..in a sling for two weeks ..should be seeing surgeon in six weeks but appointment came for eight weeks ..stitches out on 11...what happens after that and before appointment ..feel left on my own ...will try and get appointment quicker ...Just need to get on ..see breast surgeon 12th for review on that and waiting for follow-up stomach specialist ...too much going on ..

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Oh Louise I do feel for you. I had double mastectomy September 2015 and now have torn tendon in my shoulder and having mri on 11 December, it looks like I will have to have operation and six weeks in a sling. Hoping I can have keyhole surgery like you. Did they just numb the area round the shoulder and did you feel anything? It seem to be one thing or another!! Wising you all the very best and love. Marina xxx


I was fully under as they shaved the bone ...yuk. but a guy waiting in the room with me had done the same as you and they were going to numb his arm not a full general but perhaps with that operation you get a choice he said they told him he would feel pulling and tugging but no pain ..


Thanks again Louise x


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