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You can lose weight on the dreaded Tamoxifen!

Hi everyone

I am on Tamoxifen and Just wanted to share with those that maybe struggling with weight issues..... are we ever pleased with our weight... lol

I have had an awful time since Aug. 2015 when had operation on my right wrist (yes I am righthanded) out of action for 8 weeks, April 2016 I had a suspected stroke but unconfirmed out of action 4 weeks May Had benign cyst removed from my back, June had operation on my right foot out of action for 2 weeks, July had keyhole surgery left shoulder out of action 3 weeks this time, Nov. Had another benign cyst removed from back then joy of joys we come to this year when I went through the breast cancer bit

Durng 2016 I put on 1 stone then with this cancer thing I put on another 12 lbs from comfort eating - having lost 3.75 stone in 2011 I was a bit peeved as my clothes were getting a bit too tight and I had bought some clothes in a bigger size ! - the start of the slippery slope I thouht - so I went back to Slimming World and last week I reached my TARGET weight in 19 weeks - this was done by just following the plan as I cannot do any weight bearing exercise due to having had 3 knee replacement

Just wanted to share that it can be done I have no affiliation with SW other than attending weekly group.

hugs Diane

P.s. My definition of "out of action" is not being allowed to drive!!!

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You are totally amazing achieving that after everything you have been through. Well done xxx


Thank you for that Diane. I have been struggling with my weight since chemofinished and tamoxifen started. However, I have just started SW online and have lost 2kg in the last 3 weeks so I’m very happy! All the best.x


Well done you, that’s my excuse shot away now, so pleased for you.xx



Weighed in day and stayed same so I am delighted - that's all on this subject I do promise not to give any more...

Thanks to each of u for replies and Jowigs keep on with the good work it will pay off in the end

I am now at the stage where I am trying to forget about what happened earlier in the year - although some days my body likes to give me reminders ...lol then just when you think you are done with it you have to go and tell someone else what you have had done - so it really never leaves you I am now being a support to one of my best friends who is now starting her journey with this wretched disease - she was marvellous in a practical way for me earlier in the year although hers is a different type to mine and the big problem for her (and her surgeon) has been the size of her boobs - she is living proof big is not always best... lol

I took her out shopping and lunch yday and she had a great time

Luv and hugs Diane


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