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Just arrived

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Hello everyone. I was just diagnosed last week. Scheduled surgery Nov. 10 left breast lumpectomy and radiation therapy 6 weeks not sure yet about chemo or what stage yet. I'm still in shock. Other than childbirth no hospitalizations. So feeling blessed and relieved. Haven't told all my family yet. But have told the some. I'm feeling sad about the challenges and changes this has bought in my life. Trying to live a clean life is hard for me to adjust to. I know it's a small price to pay for life and that there are others who are going through much worst than I and for that I'm truly grateful. Just hard to wrap my mind around not being my old self again. Thanks For reading. And thanks for this forum. I really don't have anyone to vent to that truly understand in my family.

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Hi sounds very much like mine in 2015, at first I didn't want anyone to know, but I did change about that, not sure why I didn't want to tell family and friends, think I didn't want the pity etc, but I found people gave me support and it was easier than I thought to speak to people.

I decided to have mastectomy instead of the lumpectomy as I was worried about anything else in there! Plus I could avoid radiotherapy if I had mastectomy, I had an implant put in the same time, it was a day op and went really well, lump was on scan 17mm but when out was 25mm so don't be surprised if size does change! Before the op they put dye in the sentinel node, they would check that node for cancer after surgery, that would determine if it had spread to nodes, as further surgery would be needed, all indications showed from scans that my nodes were ok, and the follow up a week after surgery confirmed all was clear, so no chemo needed thankfully, so as my cancer was ER+ I am now on letrozole for 10 yrs this suppresses esteogen basically.

Good luck with your treatment and we are all here for you should you have need any advice or help xx

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Thanks you. Greatly appreciated.

It is a terrible shock. For what it is worth, lumpectomy with radiation is not as dreadful as you might think, radiation makes you tired and if your skin gets sore then use aloe Vera gel, fresh if possible. When you find out the stage you may feel reassured, especially if you don’t need chemo, though I am told chemo not as bad as it used to be and very effective. Things have improved enormously since my experience 18 years ago. The time goes fast once you are involved. If family not understanding in the right way, find friends , this forum is a good place to begin I have found! Changing to a healthy rejuvenating lifestyle once you are out of the treatment is fun and very rewarding.

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Thanks Haven! Greatly appreciated.

Hi Petergirl, Newbie here too. Diagnosed on Friday 13th October. Lumpectomy on Weds 1st Nov followed by Radiation treatment. I too am still in the adjustment phase and it's hard. As others have said there is a wealth of wisdom and information on here, use it. Lots of ladies who have come out the other side and as you say many, many people far worse off than us. It helps to know all this but you still have to find your own way through it and make the adjustments that affect you and your life and that's going to take time. Advice given to me - Be kind to yourself, take it as easy as you can, let other people help you. ( that's the one I struggle with, notoriously stubborn old bag!) I wish you all the very best for your op on the 10th. Keep me posted.

Penny :) xx

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Walking with you Penny and hating 13th October almost as much as you (it was my d-day too)!

Best of luck for tomorrow. I didnt find the lumpectomy too bad. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. It was a bit sore and numb and I had stitches that didnt want to come out but generally ok. I hope you have a similar positive experience. PS following this the pathology was good so a nice bonus. Caroline xxx

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Good Morning Newbie! I pray you made it through surgery well and that your recovery is speedy and uncomplicated. Thanks for reaching out to me. Petergirl2

So sorry that you find yourself here, but welcome and I hope you will find it as supportive as I have since I began exploring. I am very new to the world of breast cancer too (diagnosed 10 days ago and returning for a treatment plan on Monday/Tuesday this week). I think there is probably no 'right' or 'expected' way to react. I have found my emotions swing dramatically, although I did find that being open has helped me. I have been enormously uplifted by the amount of support and love my 'news' brought plus I have been amazed to discover that several women I didn't know that well confided that they too have come through breast cancer which was enormously reassuring and generous of them to share. I am thinking of you and hope that you know there is a community here that will take this journey with you, in the way that best suits you and at your pace. Take care. xx

Thanks so much Annakarenina!

Yes I'm glad I found this site and everyone is such a support.

Hello Everyone!

Wow! Time flys. I haven't checked in since I was diagnosed. Well I'm happy to report that the lumpectomy went well. The pathology report came back good and I completed radiation treatments and I only had to do 3 weeks instead of six! Additionally, I've started taking anastrozole 1 mg tablet once daily for the next 5 years. I'm into the second month of the pills. So far the only side effect I've noticed is soreness in my wrist. I'm still battling with my demons of cigarettes and beer. But I'm happy to say I haven't purchased a pack of cigarettes since October! And I've cut back on beer from 4 per day to 4 to 8 per month. So as there's still work to do lots. Just wanted to let guys know how I'm doing. I have an appointment with the surgeon today. My second since the surgery. I don't know why? I have a regular oncologist that follows me with the pills to. But I guess one can't have enough help with this

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! As it really helped me mentally and spiritually!


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