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Hi to all, I had a mastectomy and axillary clearance Dec 2016 followed by 4 cycles of AC chemo and four cycles of Taxol chemo then 25 cycles of Radiotherapy. I worked through my treatment which I found helped me greatly. I put on 3 stone appox throughout treatment . I am now taking tamoxifin for the past three months , have returned to slimming world which I am following and walking approx. 8km every day. The weight is simply not shifting, has anybody else experienced this, aos the power surges are difficult, but I'm so grateful to be alive , its just one of the recommendations for staying well is not to be over weight. I'm trying I really am

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  • Hi noramea

    I put weight on also and found it didn't come off easy, I thought my body was back to normal and could go back to doing what I did . However I knew it wasn't as I could not walk far with the dog , this increased each day. It was the fatigue from the radiotherapy it's only when I got to 3 years I have felt anything like normal, what I'm trying to say is it will take time don't give yourself stress over the weight do it slowly it will happen but you may never get it all off you will now be in the menopause due to the chemo and this makes it even harder to loose weight , slimming world will support you. I would say focus on you and liking you building your confidence and looking good, hair, make up and new clothes

    You will get the weight off but will be a different you , take time but don't rush or be hard on yourself your body needs time to recover , eat healthy , treat yourself and keep on your journey

  • Hi Noramea, I too am struggling with weight. Chemo in Oct, Nov, Dec of 2015, double mastectomy Jan 2016 with left axilla lymph node clearance, more chemo Feb - June and 25 radio May - June 2016. On Aromasin now. Extensive liver damage and last week diagnosed as diabetic with high cholesterol. I swim three mornings a week, walk three evenings, go to weight watchers and cannot shift a pound. It is utterly disheartening. I now think that the fact I’m not gaining weight is a bonus but my goodness it does make you want to scream. Good luck and let’s keep plodding on 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Oh gosh. So pleased it’s not just me! I signed up to slimming world online last night in an attempt to shift some of the weight I’ve put on through chemo and tamoxifen. I’ll let you know how I get on, I do hate being fat but I love being alive! X

  • I remember Tamoxifen weight gain...but now I am older and had a second cancer hit in 2017, but with Chemo I lost weight! I am also diabetic now and test levels frequently. I can say there are times when you feel hungry...really gut hungry but its a high sugar spike...its false. Try to avoid it. Take care.

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