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Metaplastic breast cancer

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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with grade 3 metaplastic breast cancer in July 2017. Triple negative spindle cell subgroup. Left mastectomy in August, clear margins although tumour was 5 cm but I had negative lymph nodes. I am having chemo currently and would love to hear from others with this rare disease, especially those how have had a local recurrence.

2 Replies

Hi Susan, I didn't have what you have but thought I'd post to say maybe try the Macmillan site if no joy here? Their forum is also helpful and you may get people on there who had similar to you?

Good luck with your treatment xx


Hi Susan

I have a friend here in the USA who began a global alliance for those with metaplastic breast cancer. They provide information and support while searching out the best treatment protocols that are evidence based. This is the link.

I hope you find them helpful.



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