A rare rant 🙄

Well here goes, I need to vent, sorry folks, first here is a brief time line:

Oct 2015 Cancer (tnbc)

Nov chemo

Dec chemo stopped (killing me and not the cancer)

Jan 2016 Double mastectomy

Feb 2016 residual cancer and start of 6 months of different chemo combinations

May 2016 Radiotherapy to run parallel with chemo

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017 3 monthly onco reviews

July 2017 Liver damage detected due to chemo now have to attend liver clinic every three months to ensure damage does not become cancerous.

Sept 2017 - high cholesterol and blood sugars

Bloods retested

Today my 51st birthday, I had a missed call... listened to answer machine “please call to surgery to discuss your results and how to manage your diabetes”

I’m not feeling sorry for myself, just pissed off. Please excuse my expletive 😫

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  • So sorry you’ve had another blow Lainey66, they just seem to keep on coming don’t they? You are amazing and inspirational to many of us who often read your comments. Stay strong. X❤️

  • Thank you Jowigs xxx just had a moment there and felt the urge to scream. Thank goodness for this site, I think had I screamed I would have terrified the neighbourhood 😂😂😂 xxx

  • Oh Lainey, I'm not surprised you needed a rant.! You are an amazingly strong lady who's kept many of us on here going xxx

  • Happy birthday, I'm not surprised you needed to rant, and what a horrible way to be told you're diabetic, when you're over the phone call why not contact the surgery and tell them about the message to prevent anyone else getting a diagnosis of something in a voice mail message, hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your birthday x

  • Jaysus Elaine I am so sorry and what a way to tell you!! Very bad luck - keep me posted on what this now means .... love bernxx

  • I will do Bernie. I am at the surgery next Thursday xx

  • It's the shit storm that keeps giving Lainey! Sorry can't offer anything other than it's rubbish 😞.. I hope it's manageable and also hope you give them grief for telling you that way!! Happy birthday btw 🎂🎉xx

  • Hey Lainey so sorry to hear this news, we all feel for you, and send love and support on this horrid day. Perhaps celebrate your birthday again, another day?

    Still that’s an appalling telephone message for the surgery to leave and for sure write a letter of complaint as without that letter no one else knows it’s happened and for all you know it could be the same person making the same mistake and they need to be taken off client interactions. What on earth is someone to do if they got a message saying Please call the surgery to discuss ydate ur results and how to manage your breast cancer?!

    Keep going we are behind you all the way, sending hugs to you


  • Lainey, I had the same message about 8 weeks before that whole cancer thing kicked off. My sugar reading was over the line twice and that’s when they class you as diabetic. I thought that was a shock until until 8 weeks later when they told me I had cancer. But actually I was told it down to diet. Cut down on the sugar and have never needed any medication and it hasn’t been over the line since. You will get offered eye tests and they check each year if it’s changed. Compared to what we TNBC survivors have been through Type 2 Diabetes really is one you can do something to help yourself. Let us know how you get on. Sending hugs 🤗 Chris x

  • You, of all people have every right to rant. I'm so sorry to hear this new development. And everyone keeps telling you to be strong I'm sure. I would say get a second opinion about the diabetes. It's a condition that does have a lot of interpretations. Like someone already advised in one of the comments. Good luck. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Oh Lainey I am so sorry this happened ...on your special day too ....I agree with Chris diabetes can be controlled and sometimes even dealt with, compared to what you have already been through this is small potatoes.....but I would complain about the way your were told...after all you have been through so much, there could have been a much better way to let you know ...a voicemail is just not acceptable ....Stay strong honey ....and have a birthday weekend and be nice to you ...wishing you a very Happy Birthday with lots of love Jane xxxx

  • Happy Birthday, I hope you managed to do something nice before you got the message, what a horrible way to be told of your condition, yes it is manageable, but that’s not the point, it is so wrong on many levels. Like somebody else say’s you could be entitled to free eye test,chiropodist treatment( have your feet looked at and treat it like a mini pedicure).

    Sending you lots of love and hugs, and you are right to rant, shout, scream, swear,if it make you feel better.(I do), and I do hate soft close cupboard doors, as you can’t give them a gooood slam.Take care, you can do this, after all the other shit you’ve dealt with.Xx

  • Rant away. I am appalled at the message left for you. As others have said, it is totally inappropriate to say anything other than ask you to contact the surgery to discuss blood results. Whoever left the message needs to be told in no uncertain terms that this is wrong. As for the diabetes, I hope it will be controlled easily by diet, which it often is.

    Big hug, for a strong person.


  • Sometimes we seem to be on a downward spiral, it appears a bit like when something breaks...two other things join it. Chemo and diabetes do not mix...I found diabetes was so hard to manage through chemo even with insulin, those steroids sky rocketted the sugar and damaged my eyes. Only people without diabetes are delusional and say its manageable...in early stages it is. FIve years on it may not be, it turns into a battle when meds increase. It is just something else to live with, another club we do not want to belong to and its hard. Like cancer it takes time to ajust to...we stay in denial for ages even forever. Half the average diet must go...those cravings increase. Its like a red flag to a bull, something thats banned, means its something you want...just the portion must shrink while everyone else over indulges...its hard. It seems post chemo...the real damage comes to light.

    Hope you had a good birthday treat before the diet lessons by the nurses and checks start up. I feel the same with my hip...something else holding me back that I managed so well with the Chiropracter yet I just cannot face extra problems right now....we are still here so we can juggle appointments, if we can get them. Our surgery is in overload. Take care, you do a great job here. Xx

  • I agree with everyone else that it was a completely unprofessional way to inform you that you have diabetes. As others have said, it is manageable. One quick question though, was this just a random blood test or have they specifically tested for diabetes, as I think they usually do a couple of tests, including fasting and non fasting before diagnosis. Sending you love and support xx

  • Hi Lorraine, I’d had regular bloods and the blood sugars were high. I was called in for a fasting blood test then given a glucose drink followed by a second blood test two hours later. The nurses were fantastic to be honest and my results were, very speedily, returned to the surgery two days later. I have my education session next Thursday. Thank you for your kind words xxxx

  • You're welcome. Sorry you had to find out like that xxx

  • Yep that's very poor, you didn't need that too. I've been insulin dependant for 14 years and well controlled until this year cancer treatment knocked everything sideways. The steroids cause very high blood sugars and seeing as this is well known I'm surprised there wasn't a joined up care plan in place. I had to ask to see the specialist diabetic nurses who were then very supportive.

    Can I suggest with your history you also ask to be referred, I have found the routine GP care isn't always up to dealing with us complicated ladies.

    The best of luck Lainey, you deserve it!


  • Hello everyone, thank you all so very much for your kind words and constant support. I have had phenomenal care from the surgery both my GP, and nurses were and are amazing. It wasn’t the message left that annoyed me but the fact that I have developed diabetes. I just think it is constantly one thing after another. I was diagnosed three months ago with extensive liver damage, courtesy of chemo, so I imagine (I will ask on Thursday when I go for my nurses education on managing the diabetes) if the liver damage has contributed to the development of diabetes. I attend the liver clinic where they are keeping an eye on the liver in the hope that the damage does not morf into cancer. It seems to be a conveyor belt of cruddy health news. Thank goodness I have sought out new hobbies and interests that keep me busy. I’m sending you all, all my love, support, and positive vibes and my total appreciation of all your kind words and thoughts. Lots of love, Lainey xxxxx

  • Rant ....Rant ....Rant. you need to get it out ..cant hold onto that much emotional @@@@... I have diabetes on top of cancer as well and both bring emotional issues ..most people don't understand but on here you know we all do ..I know you will do it anyway but take all offers off information and help ..the Desmond course for diabetes really helped me available via GP. A day course for newly diagnosed about a group of ten and you can take a friend .it's the shock at first and still six years on from the diabetes it still makes me angry ...then my cancer hit nearly three years ago. Don't wait money on foods which say diabetic..they are too expensive..and the chocolates can have laxative effect ......😺diabetes uk is fantastic with help on line and you can get email updates and they have a helpline which I would recommend ..take care

  • Hi Lainey, I have only just seen your post, hope you are alright. You have been through so much, and your journey has been an inspiration to me when I needed help and advice. Hope you managed to celebrate your birthday despite the untimely message. You are a real trooper and I know you will forge ahead and see this through. Best wishes for the future celebration of many more Birthdays bringing better luck your way. Take care. xx

  • Thank you Dolbycat, I had my parents visit for my birthday which was lovely. We had a quiet evening in, but it was perfect. I spent last night scaring the local children Asa I handed out sweets for Halloween, I think between last year and this year they avoid the house as it is a bit too scary - so lots of sweets left. I’m parcelling them up and will drop them over to neighbours over the next few weeks 😂 I hope all is well with you.

    Lainey xxx

  • You make me laugh, which is the best medicine. I am coping OK, just getting over radiation burn, finished radiotherapy on 20th October. Underarm very sore and has stiffened up again despite exercises. Everything just feels very tight in surgical areas, creams are helping but needs time. Next Oncology appointment on 9th for a review and more physio should be helpful. My husband had the biggest treat this Halloween as no children came knocking and we had stocked up. xx

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