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Follow up appointment

Hi every one

I haven't been on here for ages. I have finished all my treatments now incl chemo and 15 sessions of radio. I am on tamoxifen (hot flush galore and poor sleep) as well. I have lost all my toe nails and my finger nails are painfull, also pins and needles in my hands :(

I have a follow up appointment 25th of this month and was wondering if any one can tell me what happens at that appointment, and what happens in the future.

Love Gitte xxxxx

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Well done for getting through the treatment! I lost several toe nails from chemo, they soon grew back. I have been on tamoxifen since January last year and I had several hot flushes a day and sweated all through the night waking up drenched every morning until a few months ago and now I never have any and I sleep well again😀, I hope this turns out to be the case for you.

I remember my follow up appointment after main treatment, it was very brief and I dont recall being examined, it was more the oncologist acknowledging the end of treatment and asking how tamoxifen was going (think she must have wished she never asked!). Nothing much happens here on in, it is up to us to be pro active and for them to be reactive. I've been backwards and forwards a few times with a few wobbles, pain, finding a lump that turned out to be scar tissue, but I am never made to feel like I'm being hysterical and I've always been dealt with super quick.

It's funny because you cant win...you don't want to be examined because it makes you feel anxious at what they might find, but then you also do want to be examined so any such thoughts can be put to bed! Its the nature of this particular beast but I find looking it in the eye and tackling it head on helps rather than letting it envelope me.


Hi Cazlav great to hear from you and a lovely message thank you from me too 😌x


Brilliant that you have finished all of the treatment etc!!!! I remember when I finished my Herceptin in March, and then waited for my final appointment. I remember feeling so nervous and anxious about everything, then walking out feeling terrified because everything was finished, I think I felt that I had to face the big bad world all on my own. Anyway I am happy to say I get through each day, and am grateful that I am still here. I do have my moments where I suddenly feel like something is different, and all my fears and anxiety rush ahead of me, but I give myself a good talking too, and carry on. I have also popped in to see the breast nurse when I was really worried etc, and everyone was absolutely wonderful.

So all I can say is keep your head high, be proud of yourself for getting through everything, and swallow your Tomoxifen without thinking too much about the hot flushes etc!!!! Well done girl xx


Hi well done on getting through your treatment i remember my follow up appt the oncologist just went over how well i responded to the chemo and on a xray showed me what my lump looked like which was just scar tissue now ,except when i was getting chemo i had the gene test done and tested positive for the brca2 which meant i could go on and get ovarian nxt ,which i did and now start chemo again


Thank you all for your lovely replies you are all so helpful xxxxxx


Hi Gitte,

As said by all well done for getting through 💐,

When do you take your tamoxifen? I take mine before bed and generally sleep (now, not at the start) through the hot flushes, also sounds like you may have Peripheral Neuropathy - has that been mentioned at all?

I'd definitely mention these symptoms at your follow up...

If consultant appointment they generally ask how you are, if you have any worries or problems and then book you in for another in 6 months (might be slightly different depending on their methods etc). Mine offered me Clonidine for hot flushes, Gabapentin works as well but is not always given. I didn't bother taking the Clonidine (didn't like the look of the side effects) but know someone who thought it was fab.

The oncologist asks about tamoxifen side effects, checks you out (boobs or foobs) then again sorts out a follow up in 6 months.

My Onco and consultant try to do appts so they don't overlap..

I think though they generally leave you be after... I finished treatment March 2016 and am having my recon next month so am still in the cycle of appointments but have had long periods though of no contact with anyone which can be a bit disconcerting at times... I have been told that if I have any worries to call my breast nurse rather than GP.

Hope you start to feel a bit better and the nail recycling stops soon!!

take care,

Nix x

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