surviving !

Morning everyone ...well in 3 days into my first cycle of Fec ...I'm ok ..a bit squiffy in my tummy ( I hate feeling sick) ..sneezy ..a small sting in my water works yesterday but that flushed away ...and a bit tired ...but the up side ive been sleeping well at night ...which means I can meet all the challenges of the day ...been out in the car the shops and don't the housework and cooked I'm ok ..not looking forward to the next lot but I spose I have to think that's another done ...and nearer the end ...hope everyone is doing ok and are well ...lots of love to you all and have a good rest of the weekend xxx

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  • Good to hear its going ok. Keep looking after yourself. It seems to go on forever at the time but suddenly its all over. xx

  • Oh well done! You sound 'alright' if you'll let me say so. You will always be the best judge of your abilities and as long as you are honest with yourself you will be able to manage. So far so good! πŸ‘πŸ». It shouldn't get much worse.

    All the best xx 😘

  • Hello Debster ...I hope it doesn't get any worse ...I think that's my biggest fear now ...I think I can get through this as long as I'm sensible ..onward and upwards big problem is the boredom xx

  • HI Jackearls, I hope you are still feeling ok after your first chemotherapy. Remember to take all nausea tabs and any steroid tabs you have been given almost regimentally and any nausea or β€˜squiffy tummy’ feeling should be sorted out. All the best with your ongoing treatment, and don’t forget - treat yourself to something nice when you are up to it. Hugs. Lainey66 xxxπŸ’πŸ’β€οΈ

  • Morning Lainey ...I'm still ok thank you ...I have never slept so well since this nightmare began ...taken all my tablets ...but they are finished now ...just took one anti sickness tablet yesterday ...didn't need the others, but my appetite has hit the roof sticking to slimming world as I can eat pretty much as much as I like on that plan ... I woke up this morning feeling pretty normal, making plans for Halloween and Christmas and deciding whether to go to town for a bit ....onwards and upwards main anxiety now is my hair ...but with the cold cap I hope its damage limitation ...I have plenty of it to spare ....hope your feeling well and happy ..thankyou for your message nice to hear from you xxxx

  • PS. Just seen your boredom issue. When I wasn’t sleeping, (that’s how a lot of my chemo affected me) I read, taught myself to crochet via online instruction on YouTube, I took up doing puzzle, and did some colouring in. The simplest of things - yet even they wore me out. Also gather in DVDs of films you like too xx

  • I'm sleeping ok at the mo ...but the boredom is pretty much the afternoons ...I hate sitting still ...but yes ill find something to do

  • HI Jackearls, that's fab news, keep doing what you're doing lovely!

    Now you know what you need to do next time, did you cold cap? (sorry can't remember if you were or no)...

    Look after yourself,

    Nix x

  • Morning ...yes I did cold cap and it was ok ...the nurse did think I was odd ...I took two pain killers and rubbed some menthol head soother and was ok ...I'm just waiting to see if its worked ...I have more hair than the average yak hopefully ill be ok ....fingers crossed x

  • Glad it was OK, you will lose some, I lost lots of volume (like you have loads of hair but it's very fine hair). Make sure the cap each time is snug to the top of our head. I had a bald patch near the crown and one near the front where there must have been a gap.. It does grow back soon after finishing, I lived in wooly hats from Sept until April and managed to avoid looking too ill. Have my fingers crossed for you x 🀞🏻

  • The first one was the worst for me.. so onwards and upwards!

    Josie x

  • Been 1 wk after my 5th cycle. Bit nauseus, with hot flashes, numb toes and fingers and crumpy lower abdomen. But all tolerable. Am able to do household chores like cooking and light cleaning, doing dishes. I also do groceries. Just have plenty of rest in between. Si basically am doing ok. Looking forward to finish the remaining 3 more cycles. The next will be Oct 14. Wish you well.

  • Ps.

    Yes I lost my hair 2 wks after the first cycle and has to wear bonnets when going out. As to boredome , I busy myseld in the kitchen coiking neaks or baking pastries and tingkling on my daughter's old organ. I also connect/chat wirh family and friends via facebook.

  • Staying positive is key. I did 4 EC and 4 T, I found it hard towards the end but I'm self employed and really had to work - it gave me something to think about at the start but I got chemo fog and terrible mouth infections and I could have done without it! I still don't have taste buds and I finished June 14th. But, as you get to the point that you think you can't do anymore, it is over. I really struggled to sleep and now post surgery on tamoxifen and herceptin and struggling even more with hot flushes (I like to call them my electric moments!). Basically you can feel a bit like it's never going to end, some moments are pure panic, sadness, anger.....but we have to remember to make the most of the good days. Good luck to everyone in their treatment

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