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I'm looking for a bit of advice. I had lumpectomy 5 years ago, after radiation it was like a plunger sucked everything in, nipple included. I've had fat transfer surgery which didn't work, last year had died flap which also didn't work. I've always suffered from lack of self confidence and hate the lobsided way I look. Am I vain wanting to look right. My plastic surgeon is going to insert implants tomoro and work on the nipple when I heal from this. I'm having doubts on whether to go ahead or not. All advice will be very much appreciated x

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I know how you feel wanting to look symmetrical and no you definitely are not vane in wanting to look 'normal'. I had a mastectomy last year. They were only going to remove the left breast as they do not remove healthy tissue, but I insisted and sought out my legal right and fought tooth and nail to have both breasts removed. I personally did not want reconstruction, and as such dreaded being left with just one breast. I had both removed on the 5th Jan 2016. I made the right choice for me. As it happens I was diagnosed with residual cancer and had I not had both removed I would have had the second removed more or less days after my first surgery. I have had some beautiful artwork tattooed across my mastectomy scars, not everybody's choice, but it suited me and I am happy with my choice. You stick with what you want. Wanting to look balanced and not lopsided is natural. I hope your surgery is hugely successful for you. Take care and all the best always. Lainey66 💐😀

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HollyR in reply to Lainey66

Thanks, I've been following your story and you always give good advice. Maybe I'm just nervous for tomoro. x

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Lainey66 in reply to HollyR

You are bound to be nervous and rightly so, you have been through hell and back and facing more surgery. You have got this. You will be grand at the end of it all. It is just such a slow process. Take care, all the best, and remember - you've got this. Xxxx

I wish you all the best for your surgery. Caroline xxx

When my breast was removed I felt lopsided and had to be a 1 breasted woman for 9 months. No PS in my city would do an implant because I didn't have enough skin left as BS cut me inverted. The mastectomy bras are hot and heavy, hated that. I got a stacked diep flap on the breast 2 yrs ago. In the past 6 months I noticed the top of the breast flattened out and getting wider and heading toward my armpit. PS took one look and said he can fix it and I am scheduled to get this done. I'm back to being lopsided, again. Can't wait to get this fixed. We all just want to put CA behind us for good! Best wishes for a successful surgery, HollyR.

Had the surgery, I'm pretty happy so far. I wasn't expecting it to be so painful but just taking one day at a time. Back for checkup on Thursday and to discuss how to get the nipple sorted. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and am so glad I went ahead. Red eyes, best of luck with your surgery. Thanks to all who replied x

I am in hospital at the moment having had my 5th op in 6 years. 1st one was right mastectomy no recon because I had to have radiotherapy after. Next one was lat dorsi recon. Then I had a prophylactic left with immediate recon. Then I had a revision of left with fat grafting and nipples made from skin flaps. Yesterday I had implant exchange on left. Permanent nipples made from rib cartilage and more fat grafting. Finally I have symmetry. And both breasts look and feel amazing (except for scars). You just have to stick with it and keep on going back if you want s good cosmetic result. Dr's are sympathetic to esteem issues from poor recon results and will do their best to help. Best of luck and be bold in seeking the outcome you want! Xxx

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HollyR in reply to blue_sky1

Well done for sticking at it. This was my 3rd attempt at reconstruction and so far I'm happy with the implants, the pain is easing now. My nipple is still hiding but that will get sorted soon. I was so nervous going for this surgery. My PS is terrific. He suggested the fat transfer and flap surgery. Two months ago I plucked up the courage to ask about implants and he readily agreed. I'm really looking forward to clothes shopping as now I don't have to worry about being lopsided. Xx

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blue_sky1 in reply to HollyR

And it's great to wear low cut tops again and a bikini!

Sad to say, but my boob is refusing to cooperate in being normal. It looked great for a few weeks but now it resembles a burst football. Sometimes i wonder if it’s worth the effort. Can’t wait for next appt with plastic surgeon. He is going to. E so disappointed. 😪

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