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Bleeding Nipple

I have been for a mammagram and ultrasound this week after my nipple started bleeding it has all gone quite quickly from GP to hosptial. I am expecting a call from the consultant tomorrow to let me know the outcome but I don't know what questions to ask he has already said I will need an operation but didn't say much more. Has anyone else had this condition.

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Hi Jacquib67, poor you, imagine all has been a bit of a whirlwind..

I had Pagets Disease as well as 2 tumours in my left breast, but it didn’t bleed, was weepy and itchy. Have they given you any indication as to what they think it is?

Good luck tomorrow,

Big hugs

Nix x


No the consultant just said he will ring me tomorrow and he will see me in 4 weeks and I may have to have an operation under a general and i will have a scare. I asked if it might be cancerous and he just told me to wait until tomorrow but the waiting is the hardest thing.

Thank you for your reply.

Jacqui xx


Yes the waiting certainly is tough, my only advice is to try and keep busy, take care, Nix x


I hope the consultant was able to provide you with some clear news and so you know what you are facing. The unknown is one of the worst things. i wish you the very best. Caroline xx


I didn't get a call I had to call the consultant that wasn't there but the nurse was, my results came back all clear which is great but I felt i couldn't ask questions because I was being rushed and all I could think was its not cancer, but I really wanted to know what is was and why the bleeding. I was even told if you feel ok in 4 week you don't need to come back. I am so relieved but I still have question.


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Did they take a sample of the bleeding and sent it off to be tested? The reason I ask is that I had bleeding from the nipple. They did take a sample and was tested. The mammogram and ultrasound didn't show anything. I did have an op for more testing due to the results of the blood. It turned out to be DCIS (Ductual carcinoma in situ). I had 3 further ops the last one resulting in having to have a mastectomy, in which they found it had turned invasive (a very small area). Not trying to worry you but if they haven't checked the blood I would insist they do some tests. Hope it all turns out ok for you. Take care.



Yes do push to get full information so you can feel fully informed. Pester if you have to. The breast care nurse should be able to help or maybe your GP could provide more info. Best wishes Caroline xx


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