Good news but then not so good

Hi,this is my first post on here. I had a lumpectomy on 3rd August to remove what I was told was a 3.5 cm area of DCIS diagnosed as a result of micocalcification on routine mammogram. Stereotactic biopsies showed intermediate DCIS. Went for results 18th Aug. Had been told may well need R/T. Lab results showed only 1cm DCIS so very good margins achieved!! No R/T needed yay!!

Breast very bruised and ?seroma but told it would settle. Next day (last Saturday) haematoma leaking. Back to clinic Tuesday,pressure dressing after aspiration of small amount. Back today ? Surgery . I am on "blood thinners" told to come back earlier if concerned. It has leaked again but not hugely .

Now I'm just a bit confused. How could x-rays be so wrong about size and I do hope they don't have to operate again. Sorry for long post, oh I'm 73.

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  • Hi Bagrat

    What do you need the surgery for ? If there were clear margins there should be no need for any more surgery - I had wle for. 1.8cm invasive lump, but was found to have extensive DCIS which hadn't shown up on anything - and two subsequent ops couldn't remove so I ended up with a mastectomy. DCIS I believe isn't a lump but an affected area , so it could have been that the other area wasn't actually DCIS, there are many other things it may have been ? How are they looking at treating your haematoma ? That sounds a pretty miserable thing to have.

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo. Just got back from seeing breast care nurse and Consultant I saw Tuesday ( not mine) they were thinking they might have to clean the haematoma out and irrigate it but thankfully have decided not to. Back next week for them to have a look again. Shame we're 25 miles from hospital but grateful for attentive and kind care. Sorry you had to have several surgeries. Hope all ok now? Have you had R/T or not needed after mastectomy?best wishes Wendyb

  • Hi Wendy

    That sounds a bit more hopeful - do you have to rest to try and heal it ? I'm really lucky that both hospitals I've been to are nearby , and are a two minute walk from work. I was officially diagnosed exactly a year ago today, and it's been a funny old year really , but I'm still here and yes i have avoided radiotherapy due to the mastectomy.

    Hope everything improves this week for you.

    Jo x

  • Thank you. Yes re resting. I find it very difficult. House and garden in need of attention and no driving!! Poor husband has had second cataract done last week ( fortunately I was driving then) and is now chauffeur. Sure things are on the up now. Thanks for your concern.

    Wendy x

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