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CT Scan Result

I have been waiting for over a month for CT Scan Result .

I pushed and pushed for CT Scan result through the consultant secretary and eventually through help of PALS and got a phone call today to go and discuss the result with the Consultant ( and will be given a copy of the result at the Hospital )the appointment i have been given over the phone by the Consultants secretary is very quick for early next week.

Obviously i am very worried now as it has taken over a month to get even close to the result of the CT Scan.

Do most people have to see the Consultant this way for a result from Oncologist ?I was thinking if there was bad news i may of been notified much sooner as i was thinking no news is good news and would of been fast tracked to be seen by Consultant in NHS many weeks back?I would appreciate any ideas please

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The only CT scan I had during my cancer journey was to get the radiotherapy plan plotted and mapped out. I'm sure you are correct when you say that if your scan showed bad news you'd have already had an appt to get treatment underway, I'm hoping that you weren't given an earlier appt as consultants don't have time to sit with patients and tell them all is well, but you should have been sent a letter with the results. I hope when you see your consultant next week it's good news, keep us posted, good luck x


Hi jennymary

I hope you are doing well

I was a bit taken back at the speed of things today the email i sent yesterday to PALS and phone call from the secretary today with an appointment monday .When i asked about the letter result i was told it will be given to me by the consultant in our discusion at the Appointment next week.

So its a bit confusing as you normaly get results sent to the GP who referred you.

Thanks for your kind wishes.


Hi there. My experience was this. My post surgery path report - 9 days post surgery - showed it had travelled so I was then referred for 2 staging scans and to hospital oncologist for chemotherapy. Scans followed 7 and 12 days later and appointment with ONCO came in 13 days later and she did gave the results of both scans.

Perhaps your appt for scan results may have been overlooked.......an administrative error perhaps.....and once 'poked' by pals and thus was realised then immediate appt was made.

Either way ask, and, personally after my experiences I would push, for an explanation as to the delay tho it doesn't always work and I don't always have the strength. Wishing you good luck either way xx


Hi Debstar2016 thank you for sharing

your info and for giving some ideas on this matter i will contact PALS again to find out

why the delay.Thanks for the support

Good Luck best wishes .


I would hope that if there was any concern about the scan results, you would have had a phone call sooner. A month is a long time - I don't think they appreciate how stressful the waiting is to find out results. I hope your results are conclusive either way. Best wishes x


Hi Chrissie2 thanks for your kind support

and for your best wishes too.

I found out from PALS that the original appointment for the CT result with the consultant i was going to have in the future has now been brought forward to early next week ( i was never told about this future appointment though ,until now) And the Consultant decided this would help my anxiety for such a long wait ,they also mentioned there was no admin error,and results can take 3-4 or more weeks.

And the protocol at this Hospital is ,after CT scan ,even if referred by GP you will still need to see the Consultant to discuss Results in every case.While in the past i remembered that in other test they had gone to me and my GP,so it can become confusing at times what to expect.

Thank you for your help.

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I also find things confusing. I never get a copy of my results - perhaps I need to ask. Let us know how you get on x

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Hi Chrissie2

with results from GP i phone the reception and they provide a free copy to pick up.Or for the Hospital i phone the secretary .It can all get confusing like you say.i originally saw GP in mid June and i said i thought i had Pleurisy ,as i had it when i was young and GP said not Pleurisy and one week later after my CT Scan mid July then had a Blood Test .Went back to GP couple of days ago ,now it's August GP listened to my chest and explained i Do in fact have pleurisy and has given Amoxicillin.I am still awaiting my results of the CT as you know and wll let you know..

Best wishes.



i saw the Consultant today and was given good news for for the result of my CT scan all was very good ,only a finding of a very small nodule which could be Xrayed and if any significance would be treated .But very positive .I had breast cancer in 2006 and was treated with radiotherapy and removal of left side lymph nodes and i had concerns that this pain i recently had may be some problem to do with the past .But on returning to see the GP i have found out there is now a Dry Friction meaning Pleurisy without the fluid which is a lot more painful ,so being treated now with anti-biotics but unfortunately back in May when i mentioned it could be pleurisy originaly to my GP there was no sound from the chest.

I just want to thank everyone for the kind support while waiting for the result, especially PALS support and most of all the Consultant secretary and especially the kindness of my Consultant who saw me so quickly to help my stress levels and a winderful professional.

Thanks to everyone on the forum

Good Luck.


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