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Advice on changing drugs



I had mastectomy 2015 followed by overies removed 2016. I was on tomoxifen before overies which gave me 20 odd hot flushes a day! I kept Boots in credit through the amount of eye make up!! I was put on anastozole in august 2016. All had been fine. I had reconstruction in march this year since than. I am tired out all the time and the pains in my lower legs are unbearable but whats made it worse is my hand and fingers are now locking up causing a lot of pain. I don't want to wine as im so lucky to be here. would letrozole be better for me? I have finally got a appointment with a doctor after trying for four weeks!! I would welcome some advice please.

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I am on letrozole, it is the same type you are on called an AI it is worth trying a different type of you are experiencing problems, I really haven't had too many side effects to be honest, I know people who have had the same as you. X

Sorry cannot help as I am not on these medications but do talk to your dr (or even breast care nurse) again. Best of luck Caroline

Talk to doctors. Ask to switch medications. Research your options. Another estrogen inhibitor or blocker may be better for you.

Thank you everyone for your reply after visiting new doctor who had me in rage when I left him through his rudeness and telling me this is what I should expect with this drug. I have finally got a appointment with onglogist to help me.

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1/3 of all women on Anastrozole experience such pain that they go off the drug. (Check NIH and manufacturer info!) I've inquired w/my doc - he said this is quite accurate. And 1/2 have pain and stay on.

Hoping your new Onco is a bit better and receptive to allowing you a drug vacation or new med.

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