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Another cycle of treatment starting . (Herceptin/Pertuz

Hi all,

I was diagonised in March ( breast cancer IDC grade 2 not spread to lymph node . Finished 1 cycle of FEC then decided to have just EC due to side effect of mouth sores. Now am starting herceptin/Pertuz. Any one with the pertuz and herceptin exeperience ? Because with the first cycle I do get my energy back by the second week . Believe with this starting cycle am so so panicky☹️☹️.

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I was also diagnosed with IDC which had spread to the lymph glands, stage 2. Chemo was awful and radiotherapy just made me very tired, but manageable. Then had a years treatment of Herceptin. I had no side effects from the Herceptin at all. Just the inconvenience of having to go for an injection every three weeks, but seriously fine. Hopefully this helps allay your fears?

Good luck

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