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2 Years On


Tomorrow 7th july will be 2 years since I was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal BC. I'm feeling good at present, making plans for the future which in the early days I dare not do. It's strange because as i reflect on these last few years it feels like it hasn't happened to me, how did I not go to pieces?

Anybody newly diagnosed I just want you to read this with hope as I have done with many a post on here of women many years down the line.

Best wishes to you all.

Caz x

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Would it be inappropriate for me to say Happy Anniversary, I wish you many many more xxx

cazlav in reply to Jennymary

Thanks jenny, no I dont find it inappropriate, I do feel happy.

It is 2 years for me also, and at times I can't believe what I went through 2 years ago, seems unreal now.

Like you I read on this site eagerly about ladies that had BC years ago, and felt there is life after the diagnosis.


Dear Caz, wonderful news, I am grade 3 invasive ductal and half way through chemo, it is so good to hear of someone who is out the other end. You lovely ladies who keep posting after treatment are a wonderful help to those of us still undergoing treatment. Live every day with joy, as the Anglican daily prayer says, "thank you for the gift of this new day" xx

Hidden in reply to Linkj

I was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal, 3cm, stage 2b, December 2012. mastectomy, FecT, but no radio as I have a serious lung disease. As my tumour was ER+ PR+, I've been on Anastrazole since chemo finished. The cancer had spread to one lymph node and into the lobule, with vascular invasion. I had my 4th annual mammogram last month. Still NED. :-)

cazlav in reply to Hidden

thanks for sharing, amazing to hear and just reassures me with hope. wishing you continued NED.

Hi Caz

Well done! May it last a very long time.

I'm sitting in diagnostics waiting for my next PET scan. Also 2 years since my diagnosis same as yours. Sadly mine came back within a few weeks after first chemo and double mastectomy . Had to go through 2nd round of chemo, more surgery and radiotherapy -

I know just what you mean about putting your life on hold and not planning for the future! I'm just hoping this PET scan will be clear 😰

Good luck for the future!

Lou xx

cazlav in reply to Loulitte

Thank you lou. Will be thinking of you today, positive thoughts, deep breaths x

Loulou669 in reply to Loulitte

Hi hope everything goes ok for you , Keep your chin up !

Happy 2 year anniversary. I am 2 years post op from a mastectomy and reconstruction next week after pretty much the same as what you had. I am now on Tamoxifen for five years and getting my life back slowly. The Tamoxifen has its own side effects of weight gain chronic tiredness and stiff joints but as everyone keeps annoyingly reminding me it's a small price to pay for a healthy future which is all very well when my clothes won't fit and my ankles won't work in the morning... lol.

Strange to look back at the last couple of years and wonder how I did it without falling apart but I think when you are the person in the situation you have no choice but to get on with it. It's difficult when you have kids but also I think they keep you going. Anyway all is good now going forward.

Loulittle best of luck with your scan. Xxx

Hi it's been one year for me. It all seems like a bad dream!!! I was stage 3 invasive duct also. I feel so much better now that's all the treatment is over. My hair is finally growing back and I have a new perspective on my life.

Hi Caz that is such a lovely positive post thank you. I'm pleased for you. Huge well done to you for getting through it all 🙏😌.

Thank you to you all for your well wishes😊

Always look forward! I will be 7 years on from my diagnosis, this September. You're on your way......x

Hi caz, am with you there, I was also stage 3. I am two years at end of July. I finished my treatment in April 2016. I have applied for new job, taken up mindfulness and a new sport. I am still tired and have side effects from the tamoxifen but have learned to live with them. I have started to make plans for the future.

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