Here it is Ladies - As promised

Here it is Ladies - As promised

I have decided to share my mastectomy tattoo a tad earlier than plannedasI am so happy with it. You will see the bottom right blossoms need to be coloured in. That is happening in 4 weeks time. Now on my phone the image is upside down 😲 I hope it looks the right way up in the site for you all. I have my next three monthly check up on Monday,, fingers crossed all is good. Keep smiling and good side out my friends xxxx

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  • Lainey, that's absolutely beautiful, such a lovely positive from a negative, wishing you luck for Monday xx

  • Dear Lainey that is beautiful, I hope they check your chest at your review,it should make their day!! Xx

  • Rainey that's beautiful, I've not been on here for while glad I came on this morning that's made me smile :-)

    Good luck for Monday xxx

  • The fab Lainey all best on Monday good luck

  • Beautiful! I love it 😍

  • Although I am not really into tattoos, yours looks beautiful. Good luck for Monday x

  • Thank you all 😊

  • stood on my head to look at it but it's beautiful :-) x

  • Wow that is gorgeous, absolutely love the picture, well done Lainey. Did it hurt much? I have 3 small ones they all hurt but they all still get compliments. It's given me an idea..........thank you πŸ™.

    All the best for Monday xx

  • Looks absolutely fab xx

  • Looking super, what a difference. All the best for Monday

  • Stunning 😁😁😁

  • It looks Amazing Lainey 🌸

    Not been on the Group for a while, l've not been too well but picking up again now.

    Good Luck for Monday, I went for my 2nd yearly Mammogram yesterday, results & review in a couple of weeks. Hope you're doing OK

    Love Angela xx

  • Congratulations Lainy and thank you for sharing your journey and tattoos. You are a real inspiration to us all. xxx

  • It's absolutely stunning Lainey! Wishing you well on your coming appointment. Only good and beautiful things in the happily ever after part of your journey!


  • Thank you so much ladies for all your support over the past two years. It is a continuing journey for us all and one that could really get you down if you let it. I find looking on the bright side, painting, writing stories and poetry and laughter, lots and lots of laughter and love from family and friends really helps to carry me through this (not forgetting my tattoos of course πŸ˜‰) Monday is another hurdle, as are all our review appointments for all of us. However once over that one... I hope to be cantering healthily onto the next and likewise into the future - a long long happy and healthy future. Something I wish for us all. Have a lovely sunny Sunday folks xxxx

  • Wow!!! That looks beautiful

  • I'm not into tattoos,as I'm a bit of a coward, but yours looks absolutely lovely, you are a strong woman,long may it continue, good

  • Hi Lainey,

    That is absolutely fabulous how did you decide on the image?

    You are an inspiration to us all ,best wishes for monday .

    Mind yourself xxxx.

  • Thank you Mags, well I came up with the idea for the design when my Oncologist took a rather dim view of me not opting for immediate reconstruction. Apparently the view is that most of us ladies would like to appear to have a pair of boobs. So I decided on a new pair of 'tits' (not in a crude or vulgar way) of my own design. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • Good on you ,wonder what he would think now? X

  • He ended up being a delightful person, but I think seeing this might induce a few tics and twitches to say the least πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Looks great. Even upside down lol.

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