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Silicone found in lymph nodes

Hi, in March I had a lumpectomy. My lymph nodes were clear of the cancer but they found silicone granulmas in 4 out of 5 nodes. This must have come from a silicone implant on the other side ( I had a mastectomy and reconstruct in 1999 ) and this was replaced in 2014. The ultrasound confirmed numerous silicone masses in the tissues. I'm nearly through 15 sessions of radiotherapy and have been told I'll be having another operation to remove the previous implant in a couple of weeks. Has anyone else experienced this? I worry about having a silicone implant in my body again? How will I rid myself of all this silicone which must be all over? I'd love to hear from anyone who has experienced this.

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I have no experience to help you with your situation. All I can suggest is talk to your breast care nurse. It sounds good that they are onto it. I wish you all the best. Sorry not to be able to help. Caroline xx


Hi Caroline. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully I'll get some answers soon.


Hi I have an implant after mastectomy put in 2015, have had no problems as yet, but it is a worry, hopefully newer implants are better than they were years ago, so I assume you have had cancer now in both boobs? Is it the same type? What treatment did you have last time?



Hi Debs. The first time in my left breast it was ductal insitu but all over my breast consequently I had the full mastectomy with a reconstruction straight away. I had a saline type of implant. When that needed replacing 15 yrs later they used silicone that has been in place for 3 yearswhy it should have ruptured so quickly I don't know it might have been when I was hit in the chest by my horse. I went to the hospital but they said it was okay. Last year I went again as I was worried about it as I felt lumps and bumps. Again they said it was okay. Last November I went to my doctor regarding a pain in my right boob ( not the reconstructed one this time). She said she couldn't feel any lumps and I would be called for the regular mammogram this year. March came I went for the mammogram they found 1 cm tubular/ cribiform tumour which was removed followed by the radiotherapy. That's when they found the silicone masses in my system. I have an appointment on Monday to speak to the surgeon about replacing the implant but I want to know what they plan to do about the silicone. I may have an option of having a new reconstruction using my belly fat which I'll choose if it's appropriate. I don't want silicone any more. I'm sure it's well tested and usually okay but I'm frightened of it now. I feel a bit let down by everyone. But there again with hindsight maybe I was too quick to accept what they said. Sorry I've gone on a bit x


Thanks for reply, it's good to hear it all to be honest, it helps as you feel you are not the only one it has happened to,

It may have been the accident with horse, who knows but I will be careful if I ever have a accident to push for more checking of it!

Are you on any medication? What age was you when first diagnosed?


Hi Debs I am on Anaprozole although I've been taken off it for two weeks to see if the pains in my knees improves. I also take Rivaroxaban a new anticoagulant for AF and Irbesartan for blood pressure. I was 49 when first diagnosed had 17 years free of it and now I'm 68. I'm making the decision this week to have my implant replaced as I don't feel I can cope with nothing there. I wasn't a good prospect for using the belly fat, my preferred option because of previous stomach operations and the operation takes about 8 hours, so it's a big thing. I wonder if anyone else has tried it. Another choice is a flap of muscle taken from my back. I'm confused and afraid it will leave me with more problems. The surgeon said he wouldn't try to get rid of the silicone in my body as that could probably cause more problems. He said there had been a large study of 10,000 women and it was found that it wouldn't be harmful. That's a lot of ruptured implants!!! Hope all is well with you. Morris dancer x


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