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letrozole side effects.


Hi everyone,just finished my treatment of radiotherapy ect,im taking letrozole and having bad flushes and bad stiff legs and knees is anyone else experiencing these side effects.?

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Yes I had really stiff joints and hot flushes at first. I stuck with it though and now the effects are much reduced. I've been on it since August 2016. Good luck and congrats on finishing other treatments.

Been taking letrizole for a year now having taken tamoxifen for the previous five. I do get hot flushes though the severity of them varies. I get achy feet and sometimes my joints ache. Again the aches come and go.i take my tablet in the evening. Good luck.

Yes, Celia I have had the same problems. My consultant took me off for 5 weeks and when I went back on the side effects were less, I quess my body had been used to it before and reaction was reduced. Also helps to take at 10pm and not in the morning. All the best x

Hi Celia,

several friends have the joint stiffness/pain too. Our very low risk oncologist commented that some people find turmeric (with black pepper) eases the discomfort - it works for about 50% of people he said. Several started to take the tablets and found an immediate improvement - we will see if it is sustained. No idea if it will work for you but it may be worth a try.


I never had radiotherapy, but am on letrozole,and my knees,legs ache most of the time,at the moment I'm in Cyprus, so the warm weather and swimming help,but even my neck feels like a grating crunchier chocolate bar. But if it keeps the cancer away, I'll with the aches and hot flushes.

Good luck.xxx

I to have these problems been taking letrozole 2 years and I'm afraid it hasn't got any better I now struggle every day very stiff painful bones capel tunnel in my hands Don t know what to do is anyone else the same x

Me too. I had a hysterectomy a year before I had breast cancer and radiotherapy but now feel constantly hot and sweaty. I have aching wrists and thumbs. Seems like a common side effect after speaking to gp and others. Keep smiling Hun, could be worse x

Hi i am on letrozole after treatment,when started tablets i whent through menopause in a month it was awful.Been ok since have been on them for 18mths in total now and i am ok.Just persevere.x

I've been on it since the beginning of May 2016 and developed aches in my shoulders and arms about three months ago. My legs are absolutely fine i.e. walking 15+ miles is no problem. I'm on the last day of a two week 'holiday' suggested by one of the breast care nurses - the aches seem to have lessened but they could have been due to other causes i.e. the aerobics class that I haven't attended for a while. Back on it tomorrow to see what happens.

breastcancer.org/research-n... looks like we should all be exercising more. How is everyone? Hair thinning seems to be reduced by using Argan oil conditioner and various supplements. Got first signs of arthritis....unsightly nodules on finger joints and at 'only ' 55 will go to GP to get advice.

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