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Taxol and sore feet

Hi all, I've just started on Paclitaxel and after 3 days, my feet are so sore. The discomfort has started in my lower back, gone to the knees and now my ankles and soles of feet especially are so sore, it's hard to walk around. I have the gel socks and huge minion slippers to try to ease walking around the house.

Has anyone else had this and any remedies for the sore

feet please?

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Hi there , are you having weekly Taxol ? Mine was once a week for 12 weeks and I did get the sore feet - never had any issues with my back or legs , I was told the sore feet and hands is a common side effect . Unfortunately I can't offer any wonder cures , it got better before my next dose , but was cumulative so after my last one my feet were so sore and the skin around my feet (not on the soles) was very itchy , hard and inflamed , but I'm now 4+ months finished and it is all fine. Sorry I can't be more help, but you should mention it when you go back.

Good luck for the rest of your treatment

Jo x

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Hi Jo, I'm having Taxol once every fortnight, last week being the first of 4. We'll I suppose all I can do it wait for it to pass and hope it gets a bit easier next time.




The sore feet and hands is so uncomfortable. I was recommended Udderly Smooth cream (available from Amazon) It's the cream used on cows (and you can imagine how sore they get with all that milking!)

It works really well and heals sores quite quickly. My thumbs and big toes were particularly badly affected.

Hope you find some relief.


Hi Muriel, I don't have sores, but the sole of my feet are sore and feel very tender. But I will try the cream.




Hi, not on weekly or two weekly, and Docetaxel at 15% reduction. Udder cream recommended by district nurse, but have emollient cream so not used that. Do use healthy hoof...for the nails and they are growing fast still, if I forget daily cream sessions the nails dry out and the soles of my feet get red. The emollient cream is perscription anf the healthy it! The latter I was given to try and went on to order more ingredients good. My thumb nail had split for more than two years, other nails had ridges and all pre chemo. Now have fast growing nails, none split, but no new ridges...fairly stable, certainly stronger and if heals get really red apply on skin too.


I have a neuropathy which is a burning and pins and needles feeling in my hands and feet. Vitamin b complex and b1 seems to be helping me.


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