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Radiotherapy started


Hi everyone

Started Thur. so 2 down - 13 to go - already the side effects have started - boob has gone pink and feels hot . its swollen and hurts so does stretching my arm (left) which I had surgery to shoulder on last year and its still tender from that - same side as the sore boob !! lol so who knows how I will be at the end of it ...


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The radiotherapy nurses should ask you each time if you have any issues so please don't hesitate to tell them they have heard it and seen it all so they have tips on how to help .you can have some cream to help .mine did the same and they got me to see a consultant who are always on hand for the radiotherapy unit so always tell them no matter how small you think the issue is .I had 15 then 5 booster sessions to the site where the lump was removed . The main issues I was told to keep an eye on was under the breast and nipple ..the last one under the breast started to peel like very bad sunburn but they soon sorted out some cream ..don't be afraid to ask them what if questions so your concerns are covered..I had mine 2015 and part of my nipple is still a different colour where part of the skin is holding on 😺 where the rest dropped off and refreshed itself . The whole area breast and area is a different colour .don't think that's gonna change .it's more heavy and lumpy compared to the other but radiotherapy can do that .all your fears and experiences have been felt by us breast buddies on here so don't hesitate to ask no question is a daft question.all thoughts running through your head now are Normal all feelings are normal so please reach out if you need anything ..remember to use aqueous cream ..slap it on can put on repeat prescription but it's a big tub 😺. Take care

Hi. It can be hard during radiotherapy but just think it is doing its job. Creaming is so important. As louise007 said, they should ask if you are experiencing any problems . I had to have special paraffin dressings which were very soothing. These were sorted with the nurse on site. When the radiotherapy had finished it didn't take too long for the skin to recover. Best wishes for your continued recovery xx

Agree with Louise007, my symptoms from radio started within days but I pointed it out to the radiotherapy team, before they even asked, and was given cream, a nurse would see me every few days and by the time my 25 sessions finished the mastectomy site was less red and skin a lot better. Good luck going forward xxxx

Tku both - of course it started Friday night after the 2nd session - so I cant tell/show them till Monday - I have been creaming - altho I must admit this morning (Sun) it wasn't quite as pink but no doubt when they start zapping me again it possible will flare up !! as long as it doesn't stop me knitting I will be fine - knitting 4 large 12 inches (just over 30 cms high -for those who use this new fangled system) Christmas fairies - may have more requests when these are finished

Diane x

Hi Diane I just recently finished having radiotherapy.y last session was Monday and over the weekend the skin under the arm has started peeling off. I have been told not to rub my skin until it heals properly. When I started radiotherapy I was told to use E45 cream whichhelps to keep the skin moisrurised and my skin started off being really itchy then the sharp pains started I was told it's because the radiotherapy awakens all the nerves etc and that I will still be sore weeks after but it will get better. Hope things get better for you.😊

Hi Diane, I too had 15 sessions of radiotherapy after my mastectomy. I am sorry that you are getting sore skin already. I didn't get red or sore at all during my treatment, and I put it down to the aloe vera jelly that I used from day 1. I was lucky enough to have discovered it, just before my treatment began and I think it beats lots of other creams on the market for healing and soothing sore skin. This is not available in shops, so let me know if you want more information. We can communicate privately if you wish, so I don't look like a pushy sales person to everyone on here! Please just think of me as highly recommending something, as I have been through the treatment for breast cancer too, and I appreciate that helping each other out is invaluable on here x

I had twenty sessions after my lumpectomy, I was very lucky and didn't burn at all. I did have swelling and my nipple was sucked in and remains in after two reconstruction surgeries to try get it out. Best of luck with your treatment. X

Hi good luck on your journey, there is a lotion that you can put on to avoid the burning but for the life of me can't remember please ask the radiographer they will know.. and again good luck x

Hi Diane

I used Aloe Vera Gel and found that it was very good, really soothed the area, I was worse towards the end when I was very sore underneath my breast, it did take a few days to heal.

Good luck for the rest of your treatment.

Louise xxx

Tku - got zapped again today told them and they are going to watch me over next few days see if it gets worse

My 2 scars which were fading nicely have gotten really dark ! Hope they will fade again after this is all over and done with....😯

Dear Diane

Firstly good luck !! I had 16 sessions last year and the really bad burning didn't start until session 9 or 10 - but then it was unbearable and sleepless nights followed.

At the height of the discomfort my oncologist gave me a prescription for Hydrocortison cream 10mg/g - which really helped against the itching and the heat

One of the oncology nurses recommended Cetomacrogol as a cream to rub into the area and at the end of my treatment the area was very red and felt like 'snakeskin' - very dry and unpleasant to the touch.

Speak to your nurses as I think other ladies have suggested as it is important that they know what is going on - and don't just shrug it off like I did thinking 'oh it's supposed to be like that - get over it' ...

Be kind to yourself - you have been through a lot


Hi Liz

I have been to hospital and again and I saw the Registrar - as I had a mini melt down yesterday after treatment - I have to say the team that are treating me at absolutely horrible ! no compassion or caring whatsoever - the most compassion I have had so far was from a student nurse yesterday - they ask me how I am but really dont want to hear the answer - my left boob is swollen no 2 ways about it and i was told "just go and buy a new bra" its nothing we are doing - well according to the registrar today it is an effect from the treatment and I am just unfortunate that it started after 2 treatments - what the girl who told me that din't know I have spent nearly £150 trying to get a bra that fits and is comfortable and the one i wore that day I had only had for 2 weeks and before commencement treatment it fitted perfectly!!

I am not enamoured with the team as according to them its nothing they have done - well it is - I just feel like I am on a conveyor belt every time I go - it is not nice at all - I have made my voice heard - I hope they are not like it with everyone perhaps they are - but nobody else has spoken up - according to them I am not supposed to have side effects this early !!! how can you compete with that sort of mentality - everyone is different -

thats my little rant over

Have not got a completed Christmas fairy yet (several in construction) - when I have a completed one I will post photos for everyone to see.


Agree with Louise007... i had my radiotherapy in 2015 and the effect breast has shrunk and the texture of it is hard compared to the left one. The area is still darker in colour so am still very careful when going out in sun.

I was advised by the r/t nurses not to use aqueous cream long term as recent medical research says that it thins the skin. I used aloe vera and a body butter.

Good luck with treatment xx

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